• Henry Condell

    1568 - 1627

    Henry Condell (1568 - 1627)

    Elizabethan actor. Henry Condell was a fellow actor and friend of William Shakespeare, who in 1623 together with John Heminge published the world famous First Folio, seven years after William’s death. It was the first time that all of Shakespeare’s works were accurately published. Earlier cheap Quarto prints had been made of some plays, which […]

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  • Henry Corden

    1920 - 2005

    Henry Corden (1920 - 2005)

    Corden was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada as Henry Cohen to Max and Emma Cohen. His father was a meat curer who had been born in Romania; his mother was originally from Russia. The family moved to the Bronx, New York when Corden was a child and he arrived in Hollywood in the 1940s. A […]

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  • Henry Cowell

    1897 - 1965

    Henry Cowell (1897 - 1965)

    Born in rural Menlo Park, California, to two bohemian writers—his father was an Irish immigrant and his mother, a former schoolteacher, had relocated from Iowa—Cowell demonstrated precocious musical talent and began playing the violin at the age of five. After his parents’ divorce in 1903, he was raised by his mother, Clarissa Dixon, author of […]

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  • Henry Crabb Robinson

    1970 - 1970

    Henry Crabb Robinson (1970 - 1970)

    Journalist, Diarist. His diaries provided information on contemporary poets William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Blake. He was the founder of University College in London.

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  • Henry Curtner

    1830 - 1917

    Henry Curtner (1830 - 1917)

    Businessman. He arrived in California on October 20, 1852 with $20.00 in his pocket and worked for farms wages. Later he bought land in Centerville and quickly began to achieve his status as a millionaire, vast land owner and one of The Valley’s greatest philanthropists. A successful land owner, in 1868 he purchased Rancho Tularcitos […]

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  • Henry Daniell

    1894 - 1963

    Henry Daniell (1894 - 1963)

    In April 1921, Henry Daniell appeared at the Empire Theatre in New York City, as Prince Charles of Vaucluse in Clair de Lune, and subsequently toured for the next three years, reappearing in London at the Garrick Theatre in August 1925 as Jack Race in Cobra. He again went to New York for the first […]

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  • Henry Darger

    1892 - 1973

    Henry Darger (1892 - 1973)

    Folk Artist. Henry Darger was a Chicago artist best known for the illustrations to his 15,000-page novel, “The Story of the Vivian Girls, in What is Known as the Realms of the Unreal, of the Glandeco-Angelinnian War Storm, Caused by the Child Slave Rebellion.” Raised in a brutal orphanage, he spent most of his adult […]

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  • Henry Edward Kendall

    1970 - 1885

    Henry Edward Kendall (1970 - 1885)

    Architect.  His father was an architect as well with the same name. Together they laid out the Esplanade and Tunnel, Kemp Town, Brighton, Sussex 1828 to 1830. He and his father also helped to found the Institute of British Architects. Henry built the house for Sir Thomas Longman, the publisher, in 1863. Among Henry’s other […]

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  • Henry Edward Kendall, Sr

    1776 - 1970

    Henry Edward Kendall, Sr (1776 - 1970)

    Architect, won a competition for the buildings at Kensal Green Cemetery.

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  • Henry Edwards Huntington

    1850 - 1927

    Henry Edwards Huntington (1850 - 1927)

    Railroad tycoon and noted collector of art and rare books. The Mausoleum of Henry Huntington and his wife Arabella is considered to be the model for the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. John Russell Pope designed the Mausoleum before he won the commission that made him famous. Henry intended the Mausoleum to be a Greek […]

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  • Henry Englehard Steinway

    1797 - 1871

    Henry Englehard Steinway (1797 - 1871)

    Businessman, Manufacturer. He started Steinway and Sons Piano Company. (bio by: Find A Grave)  Family links:  Spouse:  Julianne Thiemer Steinway (1804 – 1877)*  Children:  Dorette Johanna Dorothee Juliane Steinway Ziegler (____ – 1900)*  Charles G. Steinway (1829 – 1865)*  Henry E. Steinway (1830 – 1865)*  William Steinway (1835 – 1896)*  Albert Steinway (1840 – 1877)* […]

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  • Henry Every

    1970 - 1970

    Henry Every (1970 - 1970)

    Pirate. Seized the Grand Mogul treasure ship “Ganj-i-Sawai” which was filled with such a massive amount of money (5.2 million rupees) that it was said Every offered to pay off the British national debt with it in exchange for a pardon. Every embarked on his piratical career in 1694, taking over the British ship “Charles”, […]

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  • Henry Fonda

    1905 - 1982

    Henry Fonda (1905 - 1982)

    The Fonda surname originated with immigrants from Genoa, Italy, to the Netherlands, in the 15th century. In 1642, a branch of the Fonda family immigrated to the Dutch colony of New Netherland, on the East Coast of North America. They were among the first Dutch population to settle in what is now upstate New York, […]

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  • Henry Ford

    1863 - 1947

    Henry Ford (1863 - 1947)

    Pioneer Industrialist.  Founder of the Ford Motor Company.  He was a Midwestern farm boy with a grammar school education who rose to become the world’s largest auto manufacturer.  In an era when automobiles were hand-crafted luxury items,  he developed the mass-produced Model T,  the first car the average person could afford.  In the process he […]

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  • Henry Ford, II

    1917 - 1987

    Henry Ford, II (1917 - 1987)

    Businessman. An automobile magnate, he was born the first of four children to Edsel and Eleanor Clay Ford, (and was the first grandchild of industrial pioneer Henry Ford). In May 1943, his father Edsel Ford died, and his frail aging grandfather Henry Ford became company President again. Henry Ford II was serving in the United […]

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  • Henry Franklin Lawrence

    1868 - 1950

    Henry Franklin Lawrence (1868 - 1950)

    US Congressman. The family moved to Missouri shortly after his birth. A banker by trade, he served as a clerk of Daviess County from 1907 to 1911 and was the mayor of Cameron, Clinton County from 1914 through 1918. He was elected on the Republican ticket in 1920, serving in US House of Representatives from […]

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  • Henry Garcia

    1903 - 1970

    Henry Garcia (1903 - 1970)

    Screen, stage actor, musician, screenwriter and film technician.  Appeared in the 1964 film “No Man’s Land”.  Inscription:In Loving Memory

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  • Henry Gassaway Davis

    1823 - 1916

    Henry Gassaway Davis (1823 - 1916)

    US Congressman, Businessman. Although he would ultimately become a great capitalist he had a rather humble start in life. He was educated in public schools but became fatherless and went to work at a young age. Davis became a plantation superintendent. He then became employed with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad as a brakeman, conductor, […]

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  • Henry Gaylord Wilshire

    1861 - 1927

    Henry Gaylord Wilshire (1861 - 1927)

    Businessman and real estate tycoon. He was the man who created famed Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles.  Family links:  Parents:  George Wilshire (1816 – 1890)  Clarinda Clemons Wilshire (1825 – 1862)  Spouses:  Mary Mc Reynolds Wilshire (1880 – 1955)*  Hannah Griffith Wilshire (1861 – 1901)*  Children:  Logan Gaylord Wilshire (1906 – 1970)*  Siblings:  George P […]

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  • Henry George

    1839 - 1897

    Henry George (1839 - 1897)

    Economist. He was the grandfather of choreographer Agnes DeMille.  Family links:  Spouse:  Annie Corsina Fox George (1845 – 1904)*  Children:  Henry George (1862 – 1916)*  Richard F. George (1865 – 1912)* *Calculated relationship

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  • Henry George Liddell

    1811 - 1898

    Henry George Liddell (1811 - 1898)

    English classical scholar. Headmaster Westminster School 1846-1855; Dean of Christ Church, Oxford 1855-1898. Famous for his Greek- English Lexicon 1843. His daughter Alice was the inspiration for Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.  Family links:  Children:  Alice Liddell (1852 – 1934)* *Calculated relationship

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  • Henry Gibson

    1935 - 2009

    Henry Gibson (1935 - 2009)

    Actor. Known primarily for comedy, his nearly 50 year career will probably be best remembered for the nonsense verse he deadpanned on “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In”. Born James Bateman, he was raised in Philadelphia, and started acting from around age eight. After earning his degree from Catholic University of America in 1957, he served as […]

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  • Henry Gilpin

    1801 - 1860

    Henry Gilpin (1801 - 1860)

    Henry Dilworth Gilpin (April 14, 1801 – January 29, 1860) was an American lawyer and statesman of Quaker extraction who served as Attorney General of the United States under President Martin Van Buren. Henry Gilpin was the son of Joshua Gilpin and Mary Dilworth, and was born in Lancaster, England, just before his parents returned to […]

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  • Henry Graves

    1806 - 1892

    Henry Graves (1806 - 1892)

    Printer, founded Illustrated London news.  Family links:  Children:  Algernon Graves (1845 – 1922)* *Calculated relationship

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  • Henry Griesedieck

    1860 - 1926

    Henry Griesedieck (1860 - 1926)

    Henry was the general superintendent of the Independent Breweries Company & former president of the company, which was a consolidation of nine St. Louis breweries. Born in Germany, Henry came to the U.S. in 1870 & entered the employ of the Lafayette Brewery in St. Louis as an office boy. In 1878 he associated with […]

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  • Henry H. “Hank” Daniels, Jr

    1921 - 1973

    Henry H. “Hank” Daniels, Jr (1921 - 1973)

    Actor. Born in Plainfield, New Jersey. Henry started his acting career in 1944 with Meet me in St Louis, playing the part of Lon. This was also his most memorable role. Credited for five movies in 1945, they were This Man’s Navy, Thrill of a Romance, The Chicago Kid, Bewitched, and They were Expandable. His […]

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  • Henry Hathaway

    1898 - 1985

    Henry Hathaway (1898 - 1985)

    Henry Hathaway made his directorial debut in 1932 with a Western film production, Heritage of the Desert. Based on a Zane Grey novel, Hathaway gave Randolph Scott his first starring role in film that led to a lengthy career for Scott as a cowboy star. Hathaway, too, was a fan of stories of the settling […]

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  • Henry Hayden Lannigan

    1970 - 1970

    Henry Hayden Lannigan (1970 - 1970)

    Basketball Coach. Member of the College Basketball Hall of Fame. Known during his time as “the life and spirit of University of Virginia Athletics,” During his early years he excelled in track and field, defeated the Swedish fencing champion, and held for several year the world shot-put record. “Pop” Lannigan came to the University of […]

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  • Henry Haynes

    1920 - 1971

    Henry Haynes (1920 - 1971)

    Henry Haynes Haynes was born near Knoxville, Tennessee on July 29, 1920. He met Kenneth Burns during a WNOX-AM audition in 1936 when they were both 16 years old. Haynes strummed the guitar and Burns played the mandolin. Known as Junior and Dude (pronounced “dood’-ee”), the duo was rechristened Homer and Jethro when WNOX Program […]

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  • Henry Heerup

    1907 - 1993

    Henry Heerup (1907 - 1993)

    Artist. Reknown as a painter and sculptor. Born and lived in Copenhagen and outskirts. His art is naive much like the illustration on his tombstone (which he made himself). Even though he didn’t have any relation to the abstract expressionism in his painting, he belonged to the circle around Cobra. He was the founder and […]

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