• Herbert Humphrey

    1911 - 1978

    Herbert Humphrey (1911 - 1978)

    Hubert Horatio Humphrey, Jr. (May 27, 1911 – January 13, 1978) was an American politician who served as the 38th Vice President of the United States under President Lyndon B. Johnson from 1965 to 1969. Humphrey twice served in the United States Senate, representing Minnesota from 1949 to 1964 and 1971 to 1978. He was […]

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  • Herbert John “Jack” Miller, Jr

    1924 - 2009

    Herbert John “Jack” Miller, Jr (1924 - 2009)

    Attorney, Watergate Figure. After pioneering the field of “white collar law”, he served as counsel to President Nixon for over 20 years, and was responsible for negotiating his pardon. Raised in Minnesota by a family active in Republican politics, he enrolled at the University of Minnesota, but dropped out in his sophomore year to join […]

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  • Herbert Jon “Tex” Antoine, Jr

    1923 - 1983

    Herbert Jon “Tex” Antoine, Jr (1923 - 1983)

    He was born as Herbert Jon Antoine, Jr., in Illinois, and was raised in California and Texas. His father was Herbert Jon Antoine, Sr. (1894–1972), an auto supply salesman. His mother was Bertha Campbell, and by 1930 the family was living in Los Angeles.  Antoine (whose nickname “Tex” came from his growing up in Texas) […]

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  • Herbert Marcus

    1878 - 1950

    Herbert Marcus (1878 - 1950)

    Businessman. Born in Louisville, Kentucky, he was educated at the Louisville public schools and left during high school due to financial reasons. At the age of 15, he moved to Hillsboro, Texas, where he found work as a janitor in a general store. In 1899 he moved to Dallas, to sell life insurance, and later […]

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  • Herbert Mundin

    1898 - 1939

    Herbert Mundin (1898 - 1939)

    Herbert Mundin was born as Herbert Thomas Mundin in St Helens, then in Lancashire (now part of Merseyside). His father was a nomadic, Primitive Methodist home missionary. His family moved within a short time of his birth to St Albans in Hertfordshire (the 1901 census data reveal that the family lived at St Helens Villa, […]

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  • Herbert Rudley

    1910 - 2006

    Herbert Rudley (1910 - 2006)

    Herbert Rudley, (March 22, 1910 – September 9, 2006), was a prolific character actor who appeared on stage, in films and on television. Rudley was born in 1910 in Philadelphia and attended Temple University. He left Temple after winning a scholarship to Eva Le Gallienne’s Civic Repertory Theatre. He began appearing on stage in 1926. His […]

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  • Herbert Stuart Stone

    1970 - 1915

    Herbert Stuart Stone (1970 - 1915)

    Publisher and Partner in Stone & Kimball. (bio by: Sparky99)  Note: died on the Lusitania

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  • Herbert W. Armstrong

    1892 - 1986

    Herbert W. Armstrong (1892 - 1986)

    Religious Leader, Publisher. Founder of the Worldwide Church of God and founder of Ambassador College. Publisher of the “Plain Truth Magazine” and the “World Tomorrow” radio-television broadcast heard and seen by millions for over fifty years. (bio by: A.J. Marik)  Family links:  Parents:  Horace Elon Armstrong (1864 – 1933)  Eva Wright Armstrong (1866 – 1961) […]

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  • Herbert William Hoover, Sr

    1877 - 1954

    Herbert William Hoover, Sr (1877 - 1954)

    Founder, with his father of W.H. Hoover Company, which made saddles until 1908.  Company name changed to Electric Suction Sweeper Company, making the first successful vacuum cleaners. In 1922 it was renamed the Hoover Company. (bio by: Ginny M)  Family links:  Parents:  William Henry Hoover (1849 – 1932)  Susan Troxel Hoover (1846 – 1925)  Spouse: […]

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  • Herbie Faye

    1899 - 1980

    Herbie Faye (1899 - 1980)

    In 1956, he appeared as Max in The Harder They Fall, a boxing story starring Humphrey Bogart in his last role. In 1962, he portrayed Charlie the bartender, in another boxing film Requiem for a Heavyweight starring Anthony Quinn. That same year, he appeared as “Lefty” in the episode “Fall Guy” of ABC’s crime drama […]

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  • Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano

    1974 - 2012

    Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano (1974 - 2012)

    Lazcano was born to a poor family on Christmas Day, December 1974, in Apan, Hidalgo, Mexico. He enlisted in the Mexican Army as an infantry soldier at age 17 and was later enrolled in the Grupo Aeromóvil de Fuerzas Especiales (GAFE), an elite special forces team dedicated to combating Mexico’s drug-trafficking organizations. His first military […]

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  • Herluf Bidstrup

    1912 - 1988

    Herluf Bidstrup (1912 - 1988)

    Artist, Illustrator. After training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen from 1931 to 1935, he began a career as a satirical cartoonist with the Social Democratic daily press, where his cartoons of Hitler and other Nazi leaders provoked several protests from the German embassy. During the German occupation of Denmark he supplied the […]

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  • Herman “Hyman” Amberg

    1970 - 1926

    Herman “Hyman” Amberg (1970 - 1926)

    Organized Crime Figure. Along with his brothers Louis “Pretty” and Joseph Amberg, they were the most feared gangsters in the Jewish neighborhoods of Brooklyn, New York City, New York during the 1920s and 1930s. Hyman was arrested for the murder of a Brooklyn jeweler in 1926 and placed in the “Tombs” jail in Manhattan to […]

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  • Herman Adolph Schalk, Sr

    1833 - 1908

    Herman Adolph Schalk, Sr (1833 - 1908)

    Businessman. He established in 1841 with his father Johann Nepomuk Schalk and brothers Adolph and Oscar the Schalk Brothers Brewery of Newark, New Jersey, the first lager beer brewery in America. The success of the brewery grew exponentially amassing a fortune for him and his family. His immigrant roots soon began to firmly settle into […]

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  • Herman Amberg

    1970 - 1926

    Herman Amberg (1970 - 1926)

    Herman Amberg Organized Crime Figure. Along with his brothers Louis “Pretty” and Joseph Amberg, they were the most feared gangsters in the Jewish neighborhoods of Brooklyn, New York City, New York during the 1920s and 1930s. Hyman was arrested for the murder of a Brooklyn jeweler in 1926 and placed in the “Tombs” jail in […]

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  • Herman Bang

    1857 - 1912

    Herman Bang (1857 - 1912)

    Writer. He was born in Als (Denmark) and died in Ogden City (Utah). Active as an author, journalist, stage director and reader up until the time of his death. His most famous novel, Haabløse Slægter (1880, Generations Without Hope) was condemned as pornographic and the book was banned. His other books include Excentriske Noveller (Eccentric […]

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  • Herman Barker

    1893 - 1927

    Herman Barker (1893 - 1927)

    Criminal. Born in Aurora, Missouri to George and Kate Barker. Herman’s life of crime began at an early age, when he and brother Lloyd Barker organize a youth gang, which dedicates itself to petty burglaries. Herman is arrested for robbery in Joplin, Missouri and is released to the care of his mother in 1915. After […]

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  • Herman Bing

    1889 - 1947

    Herman Bing (1889 - 1947)

    Actor.  Educated in his native country Germany for a musical career, Herman Bing went into vaudeville at the young age of 16, and found work as a circus clown. He entered film in the mid-1920s working as a scripter and assistant director to F.W. Murnau on the film “Sunrise” (1927). He also worked under John […]

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  • Herman E. Hollis

    1903 - 1934

    Herman E. Hollis (1903 - 1934)

    US Federal Agent. Born in Des Moines, Iowa, he was sworn in as criminal special agent for the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, in August of 1927. On November 27, 1934, while pursuing members of the John Dillinger Gang, he with another FBI Agent pulled over gangster Lester Joseph Gillis, known as “Baby Face Nelson” […]

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  • Herman Eisen

    1918 - 2014

    Herman Eisen (1918 - 2014)

    Herman Eisen’s first faculty position was at NYU in the then-new Department of Industrial Medicine, where he was funded to work part-time as a researcher and invest the remainder of his time in clinical practice. He found this combination unsustainable and therefore was receptive when approached by Barry Wood to recruit him to Washington University […]

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  • Herman Hoffman Birney, Jr

    1891 - 1958

    Herman Hoffman Birney, Jr (1891 - 1958)

    Author. Wrote such books as “King of the Mesa,” “Vigilantes,” and “Two Little Navajos.”  Family links:  Parents:  Herman Hoffman Birney (1866 – 1926)  Elizabeth C Boude Birney (1867 – 1931)  Spouse:  Marguerite Bovington Birney (1902 – 1975)*  Sibling:  Herman Hoffman Birney (1891 – 1958)  Knox Boude Birney (1892 – 1918)* *Calculated relationship

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  • Herman Hover

    1905 - 1996

    Herman Hover (1905 - 1996)

    Entrepreneur.  Owner of the internationally famed Ciro’s,  Hollywood’s trendiest nightclub of the 1940s and 50s.  Born in Brooklyn,  he dropped out of Columbia University’s Law School to become a speakeasy manager and in the 1930s was a publicity man for stage producer Earl Carroll (the “Vanities” revues).  He claimed to have coined the motto for […]

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  • Herman Hupfeld

    1894 - 1951

    Herman Hupfeld (1894 - 1951)

    Herman Hupfeld was born in Montclair, New Jersey, the son of Fredericka (Rader), a church organist, and Charles Ludwig Hupfeld. He was sent to study violin in Germany at age 9. Returning to the United States he served in the military during World War I, and he entertained camps and hospitals during World War II. […]

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  • Herman Lay

    1909 - 1982

    Herman Lay (1909 - 1982)

    Herman Lay was born in Charlotte, North Carolina on March 6, 1909. His father, Jesse N. Lay, worked for International Harvester, first as a bookkeeper in Charlotte and later as a commercial salesman in Columbia, South Carolina, where the family moved. By 1920, they moved to Greenville, South Carolina. In 1922 his mother died of […]

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  • Herman Ossian Armour

    1837 - 1901

    Herman Ossian Armour (1837 - 1901)

    Businessman. He was a co-founder of the meatpacking firm of Armour & Company. He was born the seventh of eight children whose parents were farmers and little is known of his early life. In 1865 he partnered with John Plankinton and established the New York syndicate of Armour Meats under the name Armour, Plankinton & […]

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  • Hermann Broch

    1886 - 1951

    Hermann Broch (1886 - 1951)

    Hermann Broch was born in Vienna to a prosperous Jewish family and worked for some time in his family’s factory, though he maintained his literary interests privately. He was predestined to work in his father’s textile factory in Teesdorf, therefore, he attended a technical college for textile manufacture and a spinning and weaving college. In 1909 […]

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  • Hermann Prey

    1929 - 1998

    Hermann Prey (1929 - 1998)

    Hermann Prey was born in Berlin and grew up in Germany. He was scheduled to be drafted when World War II ended. He studied voice at the Hochschule für Musik in Berlin and won the prize of the Frankfurt contest of the Hessischer Rundfunk in 1952. He began to sing in song recitals and made his […]

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  • Hermine Braunsteiner

    1919 - 1999

    Hermine Braunsteiner (1919 - 1999)

    Hermine Braunsteiner was born in Vienna, the youngest child in a strictly observant Roman Catholic working class family. Her father Friedrich Braunsteiner was a chauffeur for a brewery and/or a butcher. Hermine lacked the means to fulfill her aspiration to become a nurse, and worked as a maid. From 1937 to 1938 she worked in […]

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  • Hermione Baddeley

    1906 - 1986

    Hermione Baddeley (1906 - 1986)

    Actor. Born Hermione Youlanda Ruby Clinton-Baddeley. In her more than 60 year career Hermione enjoyed success in all the acting media. Prior to World War II, she became popular in London stage comedies and revues due to her dancer’s training and innate flair for comedy. In her film career she played memorable character roles, including […]

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  • Hermione Ferdinanda Gingold

    1897 - 1987

    Hermione Ferdinanda Gingold (1897 - 1987)

    Actress.Born Hermione Ferdinanda Gingold in London, England, she was the daughter of a high-standing, Vienna-born, Jewish financier James Gingold and Kate Walter or Walters, an English-born housewife. Her paternal grandparents were the Turkish-born British subject, Moritz “Maurice” Gingold, a London stockbroker, and his wife, Hermine, after whom Hermione Gingold was named. On her father’s side […]

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