Henry Every (Henry Every)

Henry Every

Pirate. Seized the Grand Mogul treasure ship “Ganj-i-Sawai” which was filled with such a massive amount of money (5.2 million rupees) that it was said Every offered to pay off the British national debt with it in exchange for a pardon. Every embarked on his piratical career in 1694, taking over the British ship “Charles”, renaming it “Fancy”, then sailing off for the Indian Ocean, where he encountered and captured the “Sawai” in 1695. He was one of the few pirates who died a natural death without being arrested. His final fate is unknown; some accounts say he died a pauper in Bideford or Devon, England after being swindled of most of his loot. (bio by: Brian Macdonald)


  • January, 01, 1970


  • January, 01, 1970


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