• Albert Akst

    1899 - 1958

    Albert Akst (1899 - 1958)

    Musician, Motion Picture Film Editor.  A former saxophone player in one of the Meyer Davis Orchestra, he worked as a musician in vaudeville until 1930. He joined Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios as a short subjects motion picture cutter and worked his way up to one of the top editors of the company, editing fifty three […]

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  • Albert Anastasia

    1902 - 1957

    Albert Anastasia (1902 - 1957)

    Albert Anastasia As Umberto Anastasio became known as a Brooklyn gangster, he adjusted his name to Albert Anastasia. The adjustment to his surname was reportedly to save his Anastasio relatives from embarrassment. (One of his brothers entered the U.S. legally and became a parish priest in New York.) Anastasia became an accomplished underworld enforcer, earning […]

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  • Albert Anselmi

    1883 - 1929

    Albert Anselmi (1883 - 1929)

    Albert Anselmi Organized Crime Figure. Born in Marsala, Sicily in 1884, Albert Anselmi became involved with the Mafia early in his life. Escaping the relatives of one of his murder victims, he fled to America around 1912 and entered the country illegally through the Gulf Coast, eventually settling on “The Hill”, the Italian community of […]

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  • Albert Augustus Pope

    1843 - 1909

    Albert Augustus Pope (1843 - 1909)

    Bicycle and Automobile Manufacturer. During the Civil War he served in the 35th Massachusetts Infantry, leaving with the rank of Brevet Lieutenant Colonel at war’s end. After the war he entered the manufacturing field. In 1877 he founded the Pope Manufacturing Company. The company made the popular Columbia Bicycle and was the largest manufacturer of […]

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  • Albert B. Haskell

    1886 - 1969

    Albert B. Haskell (1886 - 1969)

    Character Actor. He appeared in over 200 movies and serials over 35 years in his lifetime, mostly in uncredited background bit roles in Westerns, sometimes playing a villainous gang member or as a part of the crowd in a scene.  Born in California, he started out as a Country and Western music performer, playing the […]

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  • Albert Bartholomé

    1848 - 1928

    Albert Bartholomé (1848 - 1928)

    Artist. Born in Thiverval-Grignon, Yvelines, France . Albert  began his career as a painter, studying briefly at the Académie des Beaux-Arts. Wanting to prepare a monument to his dead wife, he turned to sculpture in 1886. Though he had no formal training, he made a careful study of nature and of the masterpieces of the […]

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  • Albert Bassermann

    1867 - 1952

    Albert Bassermann (1867 - 1952)

    Actor. He was born in Mannheim, Germany. Bassermann is best remembered for his role as the diplomat Van Meer in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1940 film “Foreign Correspondent”,  which won him an Oscar nomination. During his long career he also appeared in “Der Letzte Tag” (1913), “Lucrezia Borgia” (1922), “Christoph Columbus” (1923), “Dreyfus” (1930), “Desperate Journey”(1942), “The […]

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  • Albert Bierstadt

    1830 - 1902

    Albert Bierstadt (1830 - 1902)

    Artist. He is best remembered for his lavish, sweeping landscapes of the American West. His exhibition pieces were brilliantly crafted images that glorified the American West as a land of promise. Born in Solingen, Rhine Province, Prussia (now Germany), he immigrated with his family to New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1831. He became interested in art […]

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  • Albert Broccoli

    1909 - 1996

    Albert Broccoli (1909 - 1996)

    At the beginning of the 1950s, Albert Broccoli moved once more, this time to London, where the British government provided subsidies to film productions made in the UK with British casts and crews. Together with Irving Allen, Broccoli formed Warwick Films that made a prolific and successful series of films for Columbia Pictures. When Broccoli became […]

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  • Albert Brown Chandler

    1840 - 1923

    Albert Brown Chandler (1840 - 1923)

    Corporate executive. During the Civil War Chandler worked as a War Department telegraph operator. He developed ciphers for transmitting secret communications, and was confidential telegrapher for President Abraham Lincoln and Secretary of War Edwin Stanton.  After the war Chandler remained with the Army and was in charge of completing cables for operation of Transatlantic telegraph […]

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  • Albert Chevalier

    1861 - 1923

    Albert Chevalier (1861 - 1923)

    Albert Chevalier born Albert Onésime Britannicus Gwathveoyd Louis Chevalier; (21 March 1861 – 10 July 1923), was an English music hall comedian, singer and musical theatre actor. He specialised in cockney related humour based on life as a costermonger in London during the Victorian era. Owing to this and his ability to write songs, he […]

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  • Albert Clements Killam

    1849 - 1908

    Albert Clements Killam (1849 - 1908)

    Jurist. Judge for the Supreme Court of Canada. The Hon. Albert Killam was a provincial Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) representing Winnipeg South provincially, before becoming a jurist and, ultimately, the first ever Western judge on the bench of the Supreme Court of Canada. He served there for two years before becoming the Chairman […]

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  • Albert Dekker

    1905 - 1968

    Albert Dekker (1905 - 1968)

    Albert Dekker was born Thomas Albert Ecke Van Dekker in Brooklyn, New York, the only child of Thomas and Grace Ecke Van Dekker. He attended Richmond Hill High School where he appeared in stage productions. He then attended Bowdoin College where he majored in pre-med with plans to become a doctor. On the advice of […]

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  • Albert DeSalvo

    1931 - 1973

    Albert DeSalvo (1931 - 1973)

    DeSalvo was born in Chelsea, Massachusetts, to Frank and Charlotte DeSalvo. His father was a violent alcoholic, who at one point knocked out all of his wife’s teeth and bent her fingers back until they broke. DeSalvo tortured animals as a child, and began shoplifting and stealing in early adolescence, frequently crossing paths with the […]

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  • Albert Duquesne

    1970 - 1956

    Albert Duquesne (1970 - 1956)

    French-Canadian actor. Appeared in the films, “Lights Of My City” (1950), “Farm Electrification” (1946), and “Le Pere Chopin” (1945).

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  • Albert Ebossé Bodjongo

    1989 - 2014

    Albert Ebossé Bodjongo (1989 - 2014)

    Bodjongo played with his hometown club Douala Athletic Club, a club in MTN Elite Two, Cameroon’s National Second Division. He also played for Coton Sport FC and Unisport Bafang in Cameroon.  He was signed by Malaysian club Perak FA on 15 April 2012 as a replacement for outgoing striker Lazar Popović. He made his league […]

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  • Albert Edward Anson

    1879 - 1936

    Albert Edward Anson (1879 - 1936)

    Actor. Born Albert Edward Anson, he played many roles in Shakespeare’s plays, both in London and in New York. His first major part was as ‘Brabantio’ in “Othello.” In motion pictures he played the role of ‘Professor Max Gottlieb’ in “Arrowsmith” and ‘Dr. Muir’ in “The Road to Singapor.”  (bio by: MC)

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  • Albert Einstein

    1879 - 1955

    Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

     Albert Einstein (14 March 1879 – 18 April 1955) was a German-born theoretical physicist and philosopher of science. He developed the general theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics (alongside quantum mechanics). He is best known in popular culture for his mass–energy equivalence formula E = mc2 (which has been dubbed […]

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  • Albert Fink

    1827 - 1897

    Albert Fink (1827 - 1897)

    Railroad engineer and operator, generally regarded as the “Father of Railway Economics and Statistics” in the United States; he was also known as the “Teutonic Giant” because he was 6′ 7″ tall. He was educated at private and polytechnic schools at Darmstadt, Germany, he graduated in engineering and architecture in 1848.  Unsympathetic with the forces […]

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  • Albert Fish

    1870 - 1936

    Albert Fish (1870 - 1936)

    Fish was born in Washington, D.C., on May 19, 1870, to Randall (1795 – October 16, 1875) and Ellen (née Howell; 1838–c. 1903) Fish. His father was American, of English ancestry, and his mother was Scots-Irish American. Fish said that he was named after statesman and politician Hamilton Fish, a distant relative. His father was […]

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  • Albert Frey

    1903 - 1998

    Albert Frey (1903 - 1998)

    Architect. A pioneer of the “Mid-Century Moderne” style. He was born in Switzerland and showed an interest in mechanics early in life, but his father wanted him to be an architect. Frey didn’t think designing chalets and other ordinary buildings he saw in his homeland would be interesting work, but after seeing the exciting modern […]

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  • Albert Gaston

    1970 - 1931

    Albert Gaston (1970 - 1931)

    Actor. He appeared in the film “Courage for Two” (1919). (bio by: Ginny M)

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  • Albert George Ralphs, Sr

    1897 - 1973

    Albert George Ralphs, Sr (1897 - 1973)

    Supermarket chain executive. Albert Ralphs was the only son of George A. Ralphs, founder of the Los Angeles-based Ralphs Grocery Company, one of the nation’s oldest and largest grocery chains. George Ralphs died in 1914, leaving financial control of the business to 17-year-old Albert. After Albert returned from military service in France during World War […]

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  • Albert Hadley

    1920 - 2012

    Albert Hadley (1920 - 2012)

    Hadley was born in Springfield, Tennessee, in 1920. He attended Peabody College in Nashville, and was a graduate of and teacher at Parsons School of Design, in New York City and Paris. He trained with the South’s best-known decorator, A. Herbert Rodgers.  After serving overseas in World War II, Hadley studied and taught at Parsons […]

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  • Albert Henry DeSalvo

    1931 - 1973

    Albert Henry DeSalvo (1931 - 1973)

    Serial Killer.  Known as the “Boston Strangler” for at least 11 murders of women around the Boston area.  He often tied a bow from the strangling cord around the woman’s neck as a “signature.”  He was also called “The Measuring Man” and “The Green Man” by the media for his numerous rapes, said to number […]

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  • Albert I of Belgium

    1875 - 1934

    Albert I of Belgium (1875 - 1934)

    Born Albert Léopold Clément Marie Meinrad in Brussels, he was the fifth child and second son of Prince Philippe, Count of Flanders, and his wife, Princess Marie of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen. Prince Philippe was the third (second surviving) son of Leopold I, the first King of the Belgians, and his wife, Marie-Louise of France, and the younger […]

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  • Albert Isaac Bezzerides

    1908 - 2007

    Albert Isaac Bezzerides (1908 - 2007)

    Albert Isaac Bezzerides Albert Isaac Bezzerides, screenwriter of film noir classics “Kiss Me Deadly,” “On Dangerous Ground” and “Thieves Highway,” died Jan. 1 in Woodland Hills after a brief illness. He was 98. Albert Isaac Bezzerides, known as “Buzz,” started as a novelist and short-story writer. He was working for the Los Angeles Dept. of […]

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  • Albert J. “Curley” Dresden

    1899 - 1953

    Albert J. “Curley” Dresden (1899 - 1953)

    Actor. Born Albert J. Dresden in Chicago, Illinois, he was a veteran of over a 175 films, mostly westerns from 1929 to 1946. His credits include “Just Off Broadway” (1929), “Roaring Six Guns” (1937), “Billy the Kid in Texas” (1940), “Carson City Cyclone” (1943), “Westward Bound” (1944) “Lonesome Trail” (1945) and “terrors on Horseback” (1946). […]

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  • Albert Jaegers

    1868 - 1925

    Albert Jaegers (1868 - 1925)

    Sculptor. Born in Elberfeld, Germany, he came to America and lived in Cincinnati, Ohio. At first he was an apprentice to his father, a wood carver. Later he worked in an architect’s office. He studied at the Cincinnati Art Academy. His most famoust sculpture is a monument to General von Steuben, located in Lafayette Park, […]

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  • Albert Julius “Lefty” Aber

    1927 - 1993

    Albert Julius “Lefty” Aber (1927 - 1993)

    Albert Julius Aber (July 31, 1927 – May 20, 1993), nicknamed Lefty, was a left-handed Major League Baseball pitcher who played six years in the Major Leagues with the Cleveland Indians (1950, 1953), Detroit Tigers (1953–1957), and Kansas City Athletics (1957). Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Aber was signed as an amateur free agent by the […]

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