Albert Brown Chandler (Albert Brown Chandler)

Albert Brown Chandler

Corporate executive. During the Civil War Chandler worked as a War Department telegraph operator. He developed ciphers for transmitting secret communications, and was confidential telegrapher for President Abraham Lincoln and Secretary of War Edwin Stanton.  After the war Chandler remained with the Army and was in charge of completing cables for operation of Transatlantic telegraph service, and for service between the US and Cuba. In 1875 he became General Manager of the Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph Company. When it merged with Western Union, Chandler became President of Fuller Electric Company, the developer of electric arc lighting.  In 1885 he joined the Postal Telegraph Company, which became Western Union’s chief competitor.  Chandler became company President, and was a director of numerous other corporations.  He also served as a Colonel on the staffs of Vermont Governors Grout and Woodbury.  At a demonstration during the 1896 National Electrical Exposition in New York City, Chandler sent the first around the world telegram, which traveled more than 16,000 miles in four minutes.  In 1907 he constructed Randolph’s Chandler Music Hall, which has been recognized nationwide for superior acoustics that make it an ideal location for live music and theater performances.  Chandler’s recollections of Lincoln were included in the 1895 book “Abraham Lincoln: Tributes From His Associates” and his 1860’s journal is a valuable reference about the War Department during the Civil War. (bio by: Bill McKern)


  • August, 20, 1840
  • USA


  • February, 02, 1923
  • USA


  • South View Cemetery
  • Vermont
  • USA

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