• Paul Robert Ash

    1891 - 1958

    Paul Robert Ash (1891 - 1958)

    Orchestra Leader, Composer, Vaudeville Personality and Recording Artist. Born in Germany and brought to the U.S. in his first year.  Though largely forgotten today, Paul Ash was a significant show business personality in the Jazz Age 1920s, and with his wavy hair and resonant voice, had quite a female fan following. He was a pioneer […]

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  • Paul Samuelson

    1915 - 2009

    Paul Samuelson (1915 - 2009)

    Paul Anthony Samuelson (May 15, 1915 – December 13, 2009) was an American economist and the first American to win the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. The Swedish Royal Academies stated, when awarding the prize, that he “has done more than any other contemporary economist to raise the level of scientific analysis in economic […]

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  • Paul Schaal

    1943 - 2017

    Paul Schaal (1943 - 2017)

    Paul Schaal (March 3, 1943 – September 1, 2017) was an American professional baseball player who played 11 seasons for the Los Angeles / California Angels and Kansas City Royals of Major League Baseball. Paul Schaal became the Angels regular third baseman in his rookie season in 1965. He quickly established himself as a slick fielding […]

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  • Paul Scofield

    1922 - 2008

    Paul Scofield (1922 - 2008)

    Paul Scofield was born in Birmingham England, the son of Mary and Edward Harry Scofield. When Scofield was a few weeks old, his family moved to Hurstpierpoint, Sussex, where his father served as the headmaster at the Hurstpierpoint Church of England School. Scofield told his biographer, Garry O’Connor, that his upbringing was divided. His father […]

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  • Paul Shane

    1940 - 2013

    Paul Shane (1940 - 2013)

    Paul Shane was born George Frederick Speight in Thrybergh, West Riding of Yorkshire, near Rotherham. He was a miner at Silverwood Colliery but slipped on soap in the pit-head baths in 1967, resulting in double herniated discs. He was pensioned from the pit at 27. Two years later, he became a professional entertainer since he […]

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  • Paul Shenar

    1936 - 1989

    Paul Shenar (1936 - 1989)

    Paul Shenar was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the son of Mary Rosella (née Puhek) and Eugene Joseph Shenar. Paul Shenar became involved in theatre at an early age, working in Milwaukee playhouse productions. After graduating from high school, he enlisted in the United States Air Force. Following his military career he began acting again. Shenar gained […]

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  • Paul Siple

    1908 - 1968

    Paul Siple (1908 - 1968)

    Paul Siple was born in Montpelier, Ohio on December 18, 1908 to Clyde Lavonius Siple and Fannie Hope Allman. His family moved to Erie, Pennsylvania, where he graduated from Central High School in 1926. He became an Eagle Scout in 1923 with 59 merit badges. After an extensive nationwide search in 1928, he was the […]

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  • Paul Smith

    1906 - 1985

    Paul Smith (1906 - 1985)

    Paul J. Smith (October 30, 1906 – January 25, 1985) was an American music composer. Paul Smith was born in Calumet, Michigan on October 30, 1906. Upon graduating high school, he studied music at The College of Idaho from 1923 to 1925 before he was accepted into the Bush Conservatory of Music in Chicago, Illinois. His […]

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  • Paul Stephani

    1944 - 1998

    Paul Stephani (1944 - 1998)

    Paul Stephani’s crimes began after dark, on New Year’s Eve 1980. He viciously beat Karen Potack with a tire iron and raped her, while she was walking home from a New Year’s party in Prescott, Wisconsin. Potack had been beaten so badly that her throat looked as if it had been slit open with a […]

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  • Paul Walker

    1973 - 2013

    Paul Walker (1973 - 2013)

    Paul Walker Walker was born in Glendale, California, and was the son of Cheryl (née Crabtree), a fashion model, and Paul William Walker III, a sewer contractor and a fighter who was a two-time Golden Gloves champion, His ancestry was mostly English, with a smaller amount of German. His paternal grandfather, a professional boxer, had […]

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  • Paul Wendkos

    1925 - 2009

    Paul Wendkos (1925 - 2009)

    Paul Wendkos (born September 20, 1925 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; died November 12, 2009 in Malibu, California) was an American television and film director. Following World War II service in the United States Navy and his education at Columbia University on the G.I. Bill, Wendkos made his first feature, a documentary on a school for the blind […]

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  • Paul-Emile Borduas

    1905 - 1960

    Paul-Emile Borduas (1905 - 1960)

    Painter. Leader of the Automatistes, important artists group of Canada. Main author of Refus global, manifesto published in 1948 and signed by many important quebecers artists such as Jean-Paul Riopelle, Claude Gauvreau, Fernand Leduc and Marcelle Ferron.  (bio by: Stephane Tremblay)

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  • Paul-Emile Deiber

    1925 - 2011

    Paul-Emile Deiber (1925 - 2011)

    Actor, Operatic Director. He followed a distinguished career on the stage of Paris’ Comedie-Francaise with an equally noted one leading operatic productions on both sides of the Atlantic. Born in the Alsatian village of La Broque, he studied both voice and violin at the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Paris, served with the French […]

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  • Paula Blackton

    1881 - 1930

    Paula Blackton (1881 - 1930)

    Actress and Film Director. Most remembered for the role of ‘Paula Wyngate’ in “The Littlest Scout.” Other credits include: “The Diary of a Puppy,” “The Little Strategist” and “The Fairy Godfather.” Married for a time to filmmaker J. Stuart Blackton, she was the mother of actress Violet Virginia Blackton and actor Charles Stuart Blackton. (bio […]

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  • Paula Danziger

    1944 - 2004

    Paula Danziger (1944 - 2004)

    Author. A former schoolteacher, Danziger was the author of several popular books for children and adolescents. Her best known works are “The Cat Ate My Gymsuit” and the “Amber Brown” series. (bio by: Jennifer M.)

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  • Paula Kelly

    1942 - 2020

    Paula Kelly (1942 - 2020)

    Paula Kelly

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  • Paula Kent Meehan

    1931 - 2014

    Paula Kent Meehan (1931 - 2014)

    Businesswoman. A minor actress in her youth, she is remembered instead for her line of ladies’ hair care products. Born Paula Jane Baer, she was raised within the entertainment milieu, was a childhood friend of Debbie Reynolds, and had early show business ambitions, but by 15 she had dropped-out of school, married, and had a […]

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  • Paula Marr

    1885 - 1960

    Paula Marr (1885 - 1960)

    Actress. Born in New York City, she began her career as a Broadway performer in 1905, appearing as “Andre”. A popular Broadway mainstay, she married actor and playwright William Collier in 1910. She and her husband continued to perform until they relocated to California in 1914. In Hollywood with their actor son William Collier Jr., […]

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  • Paula Murad Coburn

    1955 - 2004

    Paula Murad Coburn (1955 - 2004)

    Actress. A native of Jamaica, Coburn was born Paula Murad, later moving to Cleveland, Ohio, with her parents, and then to Washington, D.C., where she was educated and then became host of the television series, “Real Estate Digest.” She later decided to further her acting career and she moved to Hollywood, California, where she met […]

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  • Paula Murad Coburn

    1955 - 2004

    Paula Murad Coburn (1955 - 2004)

    Actress. A native of Jamaica, Coburn was born Paula Murad, later moving to Cleveland, Ohio, with her parents, and then to Washington, D.C., where she was educated and then became host of the television series, “Real Estate Digest.” She later decided to further her acting career and she moved to Hollywood, California, where she met […]

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  • Paula Raymond

    1924 - 2003

    Paula Raymond (1924 - 2003)

    Paula Ramona Wright was born in 1924, in San Francisco, California. Her first acting role was playing Bettina Bowman in Keep Smiling (1938), credited as Paula Rae Wright. In 1950, she was put under contract by MGM, where she played opposite such leading men as Cary Grant and Dick Powell. Earlier in her career, Raymond […]

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  • Paula Wessely

    1907 - 2000

    Paula Wessely (1907 - 2000)

    Actress. Wessely made her debut in “Maskerade” (1934). During the Second World War she played in nazi propaganda movies like “Heimkehr” (“Coming Home”, 1941). Wessely refused several invitations to go to Hollywood and therefore never really became famous outside the German speaking region. (bio by: MC)

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  • Paula Winslowe

    1910 - 1996

    Paula Winslowe (1910 - 1996)

    Paula Winslowe (March 23, 1910 – March 6, 1996), sometimes credited as Paula Winslow, was a radio and television actress and is known for her role as Bambi’s mother in the 1942 movie Bambi. Winslowe was born in Grafton, North Dakota in 1910. On radio, she was heard in many shows, including the role of Peg Riley […]

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  • Paule Bayard

    1931 - 1975

    Paule Bayard (1931 - 1975)

    Actress. Bayard appeared in the films, “Bingo” (1974), and “Tiens-Toi Bien Apres Les Oreilles A Papa” (1971). She also appeared on the television shows, “Pepinot Et Capucine” from 1952 to 1954, and “Le Courrier Du Roy” from 1958 to 1961. Also a talented voice actress she did the voice of the puppet character, ‘Bobinette’ on […]

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  • Paulette Dubost

    1910 - 2011

    Paulette Dubost (1910 - 2011)

    Actress. A regular on the French stage and screen, she had a career of nearly 90 years and earned roughly 250 screen credits. Born Paulette Marie Emma Deplanque, she was raised in Paris and started in show business at seven playing child roles at the Paris Opera. At 14 she reportedly had a romance with […]

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  • Paulette Goddard

    1910 - 1990

    Paulette Goddard (1910 - 1990)

    Goddard was the only child of Joseph Russell Levy (1881–1954), who was Jewish, and the son of a prosperous cigar manufacturer from Salt Lake City, and of Alta Mae Goddard (1887–1983), who was Episcopalian and of English heritage. They married in 1908 and separated while their daughter was very young, although the divorce did not […]

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  • Pauline “Polly” Wagner

    1910 - 2014

    Pauline “Polly” Wagner (1910 - 2014)

    Actress. Wagner, who came to California as a young girl and graduated from Santa Monica High School, was discovered by an MGM talent scout while playing volleyball outside the Santa Monica beachfront home of Marion Davies and William Randolph Hearst. Although she had roles in ‘Lady Killer’ (1933) with James Cagney, ‘Little Miss Marker’ (1934) […]

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  • Pauline Auzou

    1775 - 1835

    Pauline Auzou (1775 - 1835)

    Artist.  Born Jeanne-Marte-Catherine Desmarquets, she was a successful French Neoclassic painter who made her mark as one of the few women artists who excelled in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.  In 1802 she studied at French artist Jean-Baptiste Regnault’s studio and painted legendary nude Greek figures, unheard of for a female artist.  In […]

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  • Pauline Boty

    1938 - 1966

    Pauline Boty (1938 - 1966)

    Boty was born in suburban south London in 1938 into a middle-class, Catholic family. The youngest of four children, she had three older brothers and a stern father who made her keenly aware of her position as a girl. In 1954 she won a scholarship to the Wimbledon School of Art which she attended despite her father’s disapproval (Boty’s mother, […]

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  • Pauline Bush

    1886 - 1969

    Pauline Bush (1886 - 1969)

    Actress. Leading lady in early silent movies. She was the first wife of acclaimed director Allan Dwan. She was born in Wahoo, a suburb of Lincoln, Nebraska, to parents Dr. Russell Bush and Charlotte Garfield Bush. She was educated in a private school in Virginia and attended the University of Nebraska. She appeared in her […]

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