• Emily Carr

    1871 - 1945

    Emily Carr (1871 - 1945)

    Artist, Author. Known as a “Canadian icon,” she was one of the first painters in Canada to adopt a modernist and post-impressionist painting style and was one of the earliest chroniclers of life in British Columbia. Her works were heavily inspired by the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast. She was born the send-youngest […]

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  • Emily Davison

    1872 - 1913

    Emily Davison (1872 - 1913)

    Davison was born in Blackheath, London, the daughter of Charles Davison (of Morpeth, Northumberland) and Margaret Davison (of Longhorsley, Northumberland). She had two sisters, a brother and half-siblings from her father’s first marriage including a half-brother, retired naval captain Henry Jocelyn Davison, who gave evidence at her inquest. She later attended Kensington High School and […]

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  • Emily Fitzroy

    1860 - 1954

    Emily Fitzroy (1860 - 1954)

    Often called one of the greatest character actresses of her era, Fitzroy appeared in 98 films including: “Untamed Youth” (silent), “The Red Kimona” (silent), “New Moon,” “Don Quixote,” “China Seas,” “The Frontiersman,” “Two-Faced Woman,” “Forever and a Day,” and “The White Cliffs of Dover.” (bio by: TLS)

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  • Emily McLaughlin

    1930 - 1991

    Emily McLaughlin (1930 - 1991)

    Actress. Born in White Plains, New York, she graduated from White Plains High school with the dream and intent of becoming an actress.  However, her parents insisted she first attend college and was enrolled at Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont where she received a B.A. degree in American Literature. After graduation she went to New York […]

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  • Emily Murphy

    1868 - 1933

    Emily Murphy (1868 - 1933)

    Emily Murphy was born in Cookstown, Ontario, the third child of Isaac and Emily Ferguson. Isaac Ferguson was a successful businessman and property owner. As a child, Murphy frequently joined her two older brothers Thomas and Gowan in their adventures; their father encouraged this behaviour and often had his sons and daughters share responsibilities equally. […]

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  • Emily Perry

    1907 - 2008

    Emily Perry (1907 - 2008)

    Actress. Born in Torquay, Devon, England. One of her best remembered roles is that of Madge Allsop, the silent bridesmaid sidekick of Dame Edna Everage, a character created by Australian comedian Barry Humphries. As Allsop, she starred with Humphries on stage and in television, in “The Dame Edna Experience”, “Dame Edna’s Neighborhood Watch”, and “Dame […]

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  • Emily Vass

    1922 - 2015

    Emily Vass (1922 - 2015)

    Singer, Actress. A child star of the 1930s, she is remembered as one of the last links to ‘old-time radio’. Raised in the itinerant lifestyle of the entertainment milieu, she broke into show business at nine by performing with her parents’ ensemble, the Vass Family Singers. Dr. Vass, a Baptist minister and Furman University professor, […]

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  • Emma Carus

    1879 - 1927

    Emma Carus (1879 - 1927)

    Singer and Actress. A contralto with operatic training, she became a leading Broadway and vaudeville performer of the early 20th. century. Raised in New York from an early age, she received vocal lessons from her opera singer mother (singing in public at six), and is said to have appeared in vaudeville as early as 1894. […]

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  • Emma Eames

    1865 - 1952

    Emma Eames (1865 - 1952)

    Singer, Actress.  Emma Eames was an Opera Soprano. Raised in Portland and Bath Maine, she attended school in Boston, Mass. where she studied with the famous teacher Mathilde Marchesi. In 1889 she debuted at the Paris Opera playing the role of the heroine in “Romeo et Juliet” for many performances. In 1891, she debuted at […]

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  • Emma Goldman

    1869 - 1940

    Emma Goldman (1869 - 1940)

    Emma Goldman (June 27 [O.S. June 15], 1869 – May 14, 1940) was an anarchist known for her political activism, writing, and speeches. She played a pivotal role in the development of anarchist political philosophy in North America and Europe in the first half of the 20th century. Born in Kovno, Russian Empire (present-day Kaunas, Lithuania) […]

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  • Emma Hart Willard

    1787 - 1870

    Emma Hart Willard (1787 - 1870)

    Educator, Social Reformer. A pioneer in Women’s Rights and Education, she founded the first College for women, starting in Vermont, later moving it to Troy, New York. The educational standards she introduced influenced many educators to improve their school’s curriculum and started the movement to establish co-educational institutions. (bio by: Russ Dodge)  Family links:  Spouse: […]

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  • Emma Lampert Cooper

    1855 - 1920

    Emma Lampert Cooper (1855 - 1920)

    Artist. Studied with William Merritt Chase in New York City, painted many famous scenes of Brittany and Holland. Exhibited at several national expositions including Chicago in 1893, St. Louis in 1904 and San Diego in 1916. Married to painter Colin Campbell Cooper. (bio by: Mount Hope NY)

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  • Emma Penella

    1930 - 2007

    Emma Penella (1930 - 2007)

    Actress.  Real name Manuela Ruiz Penella. Considered one of the great leading ladies of Spanish stage, screen and television. The granddaughter of Valencian composer Manuel Penella Moreno, she  began her stage career at the age of 22 and later moved into films. With her deep voice and  strong presence, she was able to play both […]

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  • Emma Willard

    1787 - 1870

    Emma Willard (1787 - 1870)

    In 1807, Emma Willard left Berlin and briefly worked in Westfield, Massachusetts, before accepting a job offer at a female academy in Middlebury, Vermont. She held the position of principal at the Middlebury Female Seminary from 1807 to 1809. However, she was unimpressed by the material taught there and opened a boarding school for women […]

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  • Emma Yong

    1975 - 2012

    Emma Yong (1975 - 2012)

    Actress, Singer. A star of her country’s stage and screen, she was best known as a member of the popular group The Dim Sum Dollies. Raised in Singapore, she attended the upscale Raffles Girls School and Raffles Junior College where she was active in theatre. Emma gradually began a career on the local scene and […]

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  • Emmaline Henry

    1928 - 1979

    Emmaline Henry (1928 - 1979)

    Creator Sheldon Leonard mentioned in an interview that Henry was a good actress who was easy to work with. A casting director brought her in to audition and to meet him. Sheldon tested her and based on the screen test she got the part of Mrs. Bellows. She was first cast on the show January […]

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  • Emmanuel Berl

    1892 - 1976

    Emmanuel Berl (1892 - 1976)

    French Journalist, Historian and Writer.  He was born at Le Vésinet in the modern département of Yvelines.  He was from an upper middle class Jewish family related to Bergson and Proust and the novelist and screenwriter Monique Lange. He studied philosophy before volunteering for the armed services in 1914. He was discharged in 1917 with […]

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  • Emmanuel Bove

    1898 - 1945

    Emmanuel Bove (1898 - 1945)

    Writer. Born Emmanuel Bobovnikoff  in Paris, France, he began his writing career as a journalist and published his first novel “Mes amis” in 1924, which was awarded the prix Figuière in 1928. Known for writing with an airy style about humorous observations, his numerous books included “Monsieur Thorpe” (1930), “Un célibataire” (1932), “Le Beau-fils” (1934), […]

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  • Emmanuel Fremiet

    1824 - 1910

    Emmanuel Fremiet (1824 - 1910)

    Emmanuel Fremiet He is famous for his sculpture of Joan of Arc in Paris (and its “sister” statues in Philadelphia and Portland, Oregon ) and the monument to Ferdinand de Lesseps in Suez. The noted sculptor Pierre-Nicolas Tourgueneff was one of many students who learned sculpture under the tutelage of Frémiet. Born in Paris, he was a nephew and pupil […]

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  • Emmeline Pankhurst

    1858 - 1928

    Emmeline Pankhurst (1858 - 1928)

    Emmeline Pankhurst (born Goulden; 15 July 1858 – 14 June 1928) was a British political activist and leader of the British suffragette movement who helped women win the right to vote. In 1999 Time named Pankhurst as one of the 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century, stating: “she shaped an idea of women […]

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  • Emmett Dalton

    1871 - 1937

    Emmett Dalton (1871 - 1937)

    Dalton was born to Lewis (16 Feb 1826–16 Jul 1890) and Adeline Dalton (15 Sep 1835–24 Jan 1925) and was the youngest of the Dalton brothers. The Dalton Gang’s criminal enterprise was ended on October 5, 1892 when they attempted to rob two banks at once in Coffeyville, Kansas. Four of the gang were killed in […]

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  • Emmett Littleton “Ash” Ashford

    1914 - 1980

    Emmett Littleton “Ash” Ashford (1914 - 1980)

    Major League Baseball Umpire. He was the first African-American to umpire a Major League baseball game. After toiling in the minor leagues for 14 years,  mostly in the Pacific Coast League,  he was promoted to the majors for the 1966 season when he was 51 years old. During his brief five-year career he umpired the […]

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  • Emory Bass

    1925 - 2015

    Emory Bass (1925 - 2015)

    Actor. He will be best remembered for originating the role of ‘James Wilson’ in the Broadway play “1776” (1969 to 1972). He repeated the part for the film adaptation of the same title in 1972. He became enthralled with the theater during his early youth and after receiving a degree in Journalism, he embarked on […]

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  • Emory Parnell

    1892 - 1979

    Emory Parnell (1892 - 1979)

    Emory Parnell trained as a musician at Morningside College, a Methodist institution in Sioux City, Iowa, and spent his early years as a concert violinist. He performed on the Chautauqua and Lyceum circuits until 1930, when he relocated to Detroit, Michigan, to narrate and act in commercial and industrial films. Seeking better opportunities in Hollywood, […]

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  • Empress Matilda

    1102 - 1167

    Empress Matilda (1102 - 1167)

    Empress Matilda (c. 7 February 1102 – 10 September 1167), also known as the Empress Maude, was the claimant to the English throne during the civil war known as the Anarchy. The daughter of King Henry I of England, she moved to Germany as a child when she married the future Holy Roman Emperor Henry […]

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  • Ena Begovic

    1960 - 2000

    Ena Begovic (1960 - 2000)

    Actress. She won a dozen Best Actress awards and prizes over her 17 years in theater, films, and television. She appeared in 45 plays, mostly with the Croatian National Theater, in roles ranging from Desdemona in “Othello,” Gertrude in “Hamlet,” and Goneril in “King Lear,” to Antigone and Medea in “Antigone” and “Medea,” and to […]

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  • Ena Gregory

    1906 - 1993

    Ena Gregory (1906 - 1993)

    In Australia Ena Gregory was known as the child wonder of the vaudeville stage. Her first screen experience came at the age of four when she was shown in her mother’s arms in a crowd which was welcoming British dignitaries. She was first signed in Hollywood for ingenue roles by Universal Pictures in 1921. She also […]

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  • Endicott Peabody

    1857 - 1944

    Endicott Peabody (1857 - 1944)

    Educator, Reverend, mentor of prominent persons.  Born into a prominent New England family, Peabody was educated in England at Cambridge University. He returned to the United States and studied theology at an Episcopal seminary in Cambridge, MA. In 1882, he made a brief move to Arizona Territory, where he organized what is now the oldest […]

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  • Endre Ady

    1877 - 1919

    Endre Ady (1877 - 1919)

    Poet, Journalist. He was known as the “Founder of Modern Hungarian Lyric Poetry”.  Family links:  Spouse:  Csinszka Ady* *Calculated relationship

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  • Eng Bunker

    1811 - 1874

    Eng Bunker (1811 - 1874)

    Entertainers. Born in the Mae Klong Valley, Samut Songkhram Province, Siam (present day Thailand) to a Chinese father, Ti-aye and a Chinese/Cham mother, Nok. The brothers, Eng and Chang Bunker, were born conjoined thoraopagus twins, the most common form of conjoined twins, they shared part of the chest wall, and their livers were fused. Legend […]

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