Zhanna Friske (Zhanna Friske)

Zhanna Friske

Russian Actress, Singer, Model, and Socialite. She first became famous when she joined the all-girl pop singing group Blestyashchie in 1996, and left in 2003 to embarked on a solo career as a singer, actress, and occasional model, and keeps enjoying strong media interest. Internationally Friske is known for her roles in the films Night Watch and Day Watch as Alisa Donnikova. Although the 20-minute love scene involving Friske was edited from Day Watch by the director, Timur Bekmambetov, she will reappear in the last installment of the trilogy, Final Watch. Her most successful single is “Я была / Ya byla / I Was”, which reached the top of the Russian charts; her album was also a major success reaching the top of all Russian-speaking countries. In 1996 she started her creative career by joining the singing group Blestyashchiye. Her younger sister Natalia participated in Blestyashchiye for some time as well. Here Jeanna was quite popular both in Russia and abroad. Blestyashchiye members along with Jeanna have recorded 4 solo discs and issued 3 solo programs for its fans. In 2003 she took part in the reality show The last hero-4 up to its final moment. Immediately after her returning from that island shooting she announced her withdrawal from Blestyashchiye to begin a solo career. In 2005 Janna participated again in the reality show The last hero-5. Afterwards she took part in such projects as The heart of Africa, The Empire, The circus starring, The Circus. In 2008 she skated with Vitaly Novikov and Maxim Marinin in the Ice Age 2 project. On 4 October 2005 her first solo album was released under the name of Jeanna. Its sound producers were such persons as Andrey Grozny, composer and producer, and Sergey Kharuta. Some of the songs have been released as music videos: «Лечу в темноту» (Lechu v temnotu, “I am flying into the darkness”), «La–la-la», «Где-то летом» (Gde-to letom, “Somewhere in summer”). She acted in the movie Night Watch (2004) as Alice Donnikova, the witch and mistress of Zavulon, the principal character. Although most of her scenes were cut, she had a more prominent role in the sequel Day Watch, and appeared on its posters. She performed many stunts. Jeanna played herself in the film What about the men are speaking of (2010), a performance of the popular play Conversations of the middle-aged men by the Kvartet-I. Jeanna also played a major part in the detective story Who am I? (2010). Jeanna Friske has been photographed for various glamour magazines such as Penthouse, Maxim and Elle. She appears frequently in society columns though she guards her privacy from journalists. Jeanna presents a lot of advertising campaigns for such corporations as Orient Watch, “Rexona”. (bio courtesy of: Wikipedia) Cause of death: Cancer


  • July, 08, 1974


  • June, 06, 2015

Cause of Death

  • Cancer


  • Nikolo-Archangelskoe
  • Russia

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