Zhang Ruifang (Zhang Ruifang)

Zhang Ruifang

Award Winning Actress. A longtime star of the Chinese screen, she was recognized as one of her country’s four ‘Dan Actresses’. Born at Baodung, little is recorded of her early years save that in 1940 she made her silver screen debut in “Fire Baptism”. Zhang was to continue performing and in 1962 was to have her best remembered role as the title lead of Lu Ren’s comedy “Li Shaungshaung”, a performance which won her a 1963 Hundred Flowers Best Actress Award, China’s equivalent of the Oscar. She was last seen on the big screen as a grandmother in 1982’s “Fountain Jingling”, lived out her days in Shanghai, and died of the effects of advanced age. (bio by: Bob Hufford)


  • June, 15, 1918
  • China


  • June, 06, 2012
  • China


  • Cremated

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