Yoshio Akao (Yoshio Akao)

Yoshio Akao

Publisher, Broadcaster. He was the founder of Oubunsha, a cultural enterprise that served as a publisher for high school students. Before World War II, he wrote and published a famous English glossary for preparatory school students called “Akao No Mametan.” He and his family became very wealthy from this endeavor and then began publishing various types of reference material for university entrance examinations. After World War II, he established a private radio station, “Bunka Housou.” Its broadcasts included a radio seminar for university entrance examinations. The seminar included several popular lecturers, including, J.B.Harris, Ichirou Tajima and Jin’ichi Konishi. (bio by: Warrick L. Barrett)


  • January, 01, 1970


  • January, 01, 1970


  • Tama Cemetery
  • Japan

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