Wyatt Earp (Wyatt Earp)

Wyatt Earp

American Frontier Law Officer. Born in Monmouth, Illinois, he grew up on a farm in Iowa.  He moved with his parents in 1864 to California.  His early youth found him working as a stagecoach driver, buffalo hunter and then as a police officer in Wichita, Kansas. On to Dodge City, Kansas where he established his reputation as a lawman and gambler.  His first wife died and a second marriage failed. On to Tombstone, Arizona where he acquired the gambling concession at the Oriental Saloon.  He aquired his third and final wife, Josie  Tombstone became the site of the famous gunfight at the OK Corral. Wyatt and new wife Josie moved often.  Between 1885-1887, they were in San Diego.  Here Wyatt gambled and invested in real estate and saloons in what is now the Gaslamp Quarter located in the downtown section. He even refereed at local prize fights. Nome, Alaska beckoned, here they operated a saloon during the gold rush.  Following, on to the gold rush boom town of Tonopah, Nevada where a saloon, gambling and mining again proved profitable.  During all his years of law enforcement and gunfights Wyatt was never so much as grazed by a single bullet. Wyatt Earp spent his final years working mining claims in the Mojave Desert during the winters while summering in nearby Los Angeles. He died peacefully at the age of 81 with his wife Josie at the bedside.  She was unable to attend his funeral because of her grief.  After a Los Angeles funeral service with John Clum and George Parsons as well as his attorney from the Tombstone days, W.J. Hunsacker, Wilson Mizner, a friend from the Alaska days and early Hollywood western stars Tom Mix and William S. Hart as pallbearers. He was cremated in Los Angeles and his ashes were taken to Colma and interred in the Jewish section of the Hills of Eternity Cemetery.  Family links:  Parents:  Nicholas Porter Earp (1813 – 1907)  Virginia Ann Cooksey Earp (1821 – 1893)  Spouses:  Urilla Sutherland Earp (1849 – 1870)  Celia Anne Blaylock Earp (1848 – 1888)  Josephine Sarah Marcus Earp (1861 – 1944)  Children:  Infant Earp (1870 – 1870)*  Siblings:  Newton Jasper Earp (1837 – 1928)**  Nathan T. Earp (1839 – 1839)**  Mariah Ann Earp (1839 – 1839)**  James Cooksey Earp (1841 – 1926)*  Virgil Walter Earp (1843 – 1905)*  Martha Elizabeth Earp (1845 – 1856)*  Wyatt Earp (1848 – 1929)  Morgan Earp (1851 – 1882)*  Warren Baxter Earp (1855 – 1900)*  Virgina Ann Earp (1858 – 1861)*  Adelia Douglas Earp Edwards (1861 – 1941)* *Calculated relationship**Half-sibling Inscription:”. . . That nothing’s so sacred as honor,and nothing so loyal as love!”


  • March, 19, 1848
  • USA


  • January, 01, 1929
  • USA


  • Hills of Eternity Memorial Park
  • California
  • USA

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