Woo Bum-Kon (Woo Bum-Kon)

Woo Bum-Kon

South Korean Mass Murderer. A police officer, on April 28th, 1982, he left the house of his live-in girlfriend, Chun-Mai Sun in a rage. Upon arriving at work, he began to drink heavily. The other officers were at a community meeting, and a still-furious Woo raided an unguarded police armory, taking two carbines, 18 rounds of ammunition and many hand grenades. He then went on a eight-hour long drunken rampage through five villages of Uiryong County, 200 miles south of Seoul, firing without reason, sparing nobody in his path. Since he was moving under cover of darkness, the police had an exceedingly difficult time tracking him. He claimed his final victims when he walked into a farmhouse and pressed two grenades to his chest, blowing himself to pieces and killing three. Altogether, with a toll of 58 dead and 35 injured, the rampage of Woo Bum-Kon is one of the worst spree killings in modern times. Chun Mai-Sun later said that her boyfriend “suffered from an inferiority complex and had been bothered by villager’s comments on their living together unmarried.” Later on, the provincial chief of police was suspended, and four other officers were arrested for negligence of duty. When word got to Seoul, Home Minister Suh Chung Hwa flew to the scene, and later offered his resignation as a form of atonement for Woo’s rampage. (bio by: Mongoose)


  • February, 24, 1955


  • April, 04, 1982


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