Wolfgang Zilzer (Wolfgang Zilzer)

Wolfgang  Zilzer

Character Actor. He was born in USA of german parents. He is remembered as the man with expired papers who was murdered in the first scene of the classic film “Casablanca.” He and his girlfriend Lotte Palfi (the woman who try to sell her jewels) were the true lovers of “Casablanca”, because after the release of the film, they married. He appeared in films often uncredited or with the name of Paul Andor. Other films include “Das Alte Gesetz” (1923), “Evas Töchter” (1928), “Thérèse Raquin” (1928), “Ninotchka” (1939), “Forbidden Passage” (1941), “Enemy of Women” (1944), “Singing in the Dark” (1956), “Neunzig Minuten Nach Mitternacht” (1962), “Union City” (1980) and “Lovesick” (1983). 

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  • January, 20, 1901
  • USA
  • Ohio


  • June, 26, 1991


  • Friedhof Zehlendorf
  • Germany

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