Winifred Bryson (Winifred Bryson)

Winifred  Bryson

Actress. A talented stage and film performer, Bryson is best remembered for her role as Fleur de Lys in the 1923 film, “The Hunchback Of notre Dame.” Born in Columbus, Ohio, Bryson headed to Los Angeles in 1915. Her first professional acting appearance was in the play “Regeneration”, opposite Bert Lytell. Known for her sultry, olive-skinned, and distinct spanish-types features, Miss Bryson later became a member of David Belasco’s Stock Theater, and appeared in several musical comedies, before entering the film world in 1921. Her other films include, “A Heart To Let” (1921), “Her Face Value” (1921), “Suzanna” (1923) “Truxton King” (1923), “Pleasure Mad” (1923), “The Law Forbids” (1924), “Broken Barriers” (1924), “The Awful Truth” (1925), and “Adoration” (1928). She retired from acting in 1928. She was married to screen legend Warner Baxter from 1918 until his death in 1951. She later remarried, and then served for many years as a charter member of the American Film Institute. 

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  • December, 20, 1892


  • August, 20, 1987


  • Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Glendale)
  • California
  • USA

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