William Jesse McDonald (William Jesse McDonald)

William Jesse McDonald

William Jesse Carter was the son of Enoch McDonald  (Killed in Civil War) and Eunice R Durham. Rhoda Isabel Carter and William Jesse McDonald were married January 1876 in Quitman,Texas.They had no children. In 1867 he moved to East Texas. In Mineola, Texas, he served as deputy sheriff, deputy US Marshall and Special Texas Ranger.This appointment as special Ranger gave him statewide authority. In 1887, he was appointed deputy U.S. Marshal and assigned to clean up No-Man’s Land, an area in Oklahoma which had no civil government, no lawmen and was a favorite hideout for outlaws. Using a buckboard and a hired driver, Bill would follow the trail of the outlaws, and use his tactic of extending a friendly hand, when the outlaw reached out his to shake hands, he slapped handcuffs on the accused and secured the other cuff on the buckboard. Rarely did a shootout result with this quick decisive action. In 1891, McDonald was appointed Captain of the Texas Rangers. One of his first assignments was to break up the Fitzsimmons-Maher boxing match being held in Langtry, TX by Judge Roy Bean. Before the fight, Bill was in the crowded Jersey Lily Saloon. A patron was on the verge of throwing something at the overwhelmed waiter. Bill said “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” The angry diner replied “Do you want to take it up?”. Calmly McDonald rose out of his chair and stated “I done took it up.” The next words to exit the mouth of the antagonist was an apology. This patron was Bat Masterson. Towards the end of his career, he served as a bodyguard for Teddy Roosevelt on a hunting expedition and for Woodrow Wilson.  Family links:  Spouses:  Rhoda Isabel Carter McDonald (1858 – 1906)*  Pearl Wilkirson Williams (1881 – 1966)* *Calculated relationship


  • September, 28, 1852
  • USA


  • January, 01, 1918
  • USA


  • Quanah Memorial Park
  • Texas
  • USA

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