William Etty (William Etty)

William Etty

Painter. Studying in England and Venice, Etty became famous for painting nudes (he was once considered the ‘first pornographer’!). His work is exhibited in many major British galleries and often incorporate mythological themes. Although much of his work was created in London, Etty later moved to York where a statue of the artist now stands in front of the city’s art gallery. His tomb is nearby, at the edge of a churchyard and picturesquely framed by the arcading of the ruined St Mary’s Abbey. (bio by: Mark McManus) ┬áInscription:William Etty, Royal Academician who in his brilliant works has left an enduring monument of his exalted genius, earnestly aiming to attain that lofty position on which his highly gifted talents have placed him. He, throughout life, exhibited unabated perseverance in his profession. To promote its advancement in his beloved country he watched the progress of those engaged in its study with the most disinterested kindness. To his elevated and highly poetical mind were united a cheerfulness and sweetness of disposition with great simplicity and urbanity of manners, he was richly endeared to all who knew him. His piety was unaffected, his faith in Christ sincere and his devotion to God exemplary. He was born in York March 10th 1787 and died in his native city November 13th 1849. “Why seek ye the living among the dead” Luke XXiv.v


  • March, 10, 1787


  • November, 11, 1849


  • St Olave Churchyard
  • England

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