Wilfred Johnson (Wilfred Johnson)

Wilfred Johnson

Organized Crime Figure. He was an associate in the Gambino Organized Crime Family and close friend of mobster John Gotti. He was also a “Top Echelon” informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigations from 1966 until 1985. He provided the FBI information on John Gotti and other Gambino Family members (his code name was “Wahoo” because he was part American-Indian). The FBI revealed the fact that Johnson was an informant in a 1985 hearing but he refused to enter the Witness Protection Program. In 1988 was shot to death in a hail of 18 bullets in front of his home in Brooklyn, New York City, New York.

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  • September, 29, 1935


  • August, 29, 1988
  • USA
  • New York

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