Whitney Bourne (Whitney Bourne)

Whitney Bourne

Actress. Born to George Galt and Helen Whitney Bourne in New York. Known as Whitney Bourne and born into the lifestyle of a socialite, her parents divorced while she was still young. Whitney would make her Broadway debut in Firebird in 1932. Having a five year career, Whitney had a contract with MacArhur and Hecht, starting her movie acting in 1934 with Crime without Passion. She would marry three times, the first being to Stanton Griffis and later to Arthur Osgood Choate. She and Arthur had a son together. Her final marriage would be to Roy Atwood. Her last starring role was in the movie Blind Alibi. Whitney was an avid skier, golfer and tennis player. She died in New York at the age of 74. (bio by: Shock)  Family links:  Parents:  George Galt Bourne (1888 – 1945)  Helen Cole Whitney Gibson (1890 – 1974)

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  • May, 06, 1914
  • USA
  • New York, New York


  • December, 12, 1988
  • USA
  • Boston, Massachusetts


  • North Conway Cemetery
  • North Conway, New Hampshire
  • USA

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