Vivian Austin (Vivian Austin)

Vivian Austin

Actress. Best remembered for her role as the female lead in the serial “The Adventures of Red Ryder”. Her big break came in 1940 when she was selected to play along side Don Barry in “Red Ryder”. Soon after, she signed a contract with Universal Pictures and her first movie was “Moonlight in Vermont”. She also starred in “Sing a Jingle”, “Hi, Good Lookin’!”, ” “Moon over Las Vegas”, “Boss of Boomtown”, “Twilight on the Prairie”, “Trigger Trail”, and “Destiny” among many others. Her last movie was “T-Men”. Eye problems, which left her almost totally blind, forced her early retirement in 1947.  (bio by: Whispers From The Grave)  Family links:  Spouse:  Kenneth Arthur Grow (1912 – 1993)


  • February, 23, 1920
  • USA


  • August, 08, 2004
  • USA


  • Riverside National Cemetery
  • California
  • USA

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