Vibeke Falk (Vibeke Falk)

Vibeke  Falk

Actress. A star of the norwegian stage and screen for more than 60 years, she shall probably be remembered for her film debut as Anna Reinche in 1939’s classic crime drama “Gjest Baardsen”. Raised in Bergen, she got her start in show business at her home city’s National Scene and in 1939 got a major break when she had the female lead in “Gjest Baardsen”, the story of a notorious 19th. century norwegian criminal. During World War II Vibeke lived in Sweden with her then-husband, actor Lauritz Falk, and made several movies including “Newlywed” (1941), 1944’s “The Clock on Ronnenberg”, and the 1946 “Brother Between”. Following her 1950 divorce she returned home and was part of a number of Shakespearean productions at the Trondelag Theatre, portraying Rosalind in “As You Like It”, Ophelia from “Hamlet”, and other of The Bard’s characters. Thru the 1960s she was part of the company at the National Scene then turned to freelancing at a number of venues. Seen on television from the early 1980s on she also returned to the silver screen and earned credits with 1981’s “Julia, Julia”, “Farewell Illusions” (1985), and the 1989 “Viva Villaveien!”. Vibeke remained active and was seen on the small screen as late as 2001 in an episode of “Nina”; at her death from the effects of advanced age “Gjest Baardsen” continued to be aired frequently.


  • September, 27, 1918
  • Norway


  • October, 09, 2011
  • norway


  • Unknown

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