Valerie French (Valerie Harrison)

Valerie French

Born Valerie Harrison in London, she spent her early childhood in Spain, but returned to England to become a student at Malvern Girls’ College. After graduating, she joined the BBC drama department, working in television production before deciding to become an actress, joining the Theatre Royal Repertory Company. She moved into film acting in her early 20s. Her first film appearance was in a minor role in the 1954 Italian film Maddalena. After a role in the British film The Constant Husband (1955), she moved to Hollywood. Her best-remembered roles during this period were in western films such as Jubal in 1956 opposite Glenn Ford and Decision at Sundown opposite Randolph Scott in 1957. She also appeared in the science fiction film The 27th Day (1957). Critic Gene Blottner says that Valerie French’s performances in this era were “sultry, exuding raw sex”. Her television roles included episode #61 of Have Gun – Will Travel, and The Prisoner, episode: “Living In Harmony”. She later appeared in daytime television shows, including two roles on The Edge of Night, The Nurses, and (briefly) All My Children. Valerie French returned to the theatre in the 1960s. She performed in a Broadway production of John Osborne’s play “Inadmissible Evidence” in 1965 and was also in “Help Stamp Out Marriage!” in 1966. She caused a minor sensation by appearing on stage naked in “The Mother Lover”, at the Booth Theater in 1969, though only her back was visible to the audience. French was married twice. Her first husband was the playwright Michael Pertwee, whom she married in 1952. The couple were divorced seven years later. Her second husband was actor Thayer David, to whom she was married from 1970 to 1975, when the couple divorced. They later got back together and were planning to re-marry at the time of his death. French died of leukemia in 1990.

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  • March, 11, 1928
  • United Kingdom
  • London, England


  • November, 03, 1990
  • USA
  • New York, New York

Cause of Death

  • leukemia

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