Val Puccio (ValentinoPuccio Puccio)

Val Puccio

Val Puccio

Was a professional wrestler.

Trained by Johnny Rodz, Puccio began his wrestling career in 1989 and worked for various northeast U.S. independent promotions for virtually his entire career. He frequently teamed with his brother, Tony. They originally called themselves The Undertakers, before changing their team name in the early 1990s to Double Trouble, after the World Wrestling Federation bought the rights to their original name in order to name Mark Calaway The Undertaker.

Puccio worked briefly for Extreme Championship Wrestling in 1995, losing matches to Mikey Whipwreck and Hack Meyers. Occasionally, Puccio wrestled under his real name.

Puccio died on January 7, 2011. His brother Tony made the announcement on Facebook. He was 45. His death is thought to have been caused by his obesity.


  • June, 09, 1965
  • Bronx, New York


  • January, 07, 2011

Cause of Death

  • obesity



    • Unknown

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