Ursula Lingen (Ursula Lingen)

Ursula Lingen

Actress. A pretty brunette, she is remembered for her numerous appearances on the German stage and screen. Raised within the theatrical milieu, she relocated with her family to Vienna in the late 1930s after Berlin became untenable for Jews, though she, her mother, and her half sister Hanne Brecht were under some degree of protection owing to her father’s status as a favorite performer of both Hitler and Dr. Goebbels. After the war Ursula began appearing in her parents’ theatrical performances, then in 1948 made her silver screen debut in the feature “Him and Her”. She began working steadily, appearing in a number of films including “Johannes and the 13 Beauty Queens” and “Whirled Into Happiness” (both 1951) before her best known cinematic performance in 1956’s “The Model Husband”. While continuing her stage career, she became a regular small screen presence from the early 1960s on, her many credits including “The Satin Slipper”, “The Commissioner”, Blankenese”, “The Old Man”, and, most notably, “Derrick”. Ursula essentially withdrew following the 1994 death of her husband and was last seen on the screen in the 2003 television movie “In the Name of the Lord”. She lived out her days in the Austrian capital and died of the effects of advanced age. A number of her performances are preserved on DVD. (bio by: Bob Hufford)  Family links:  Parents:  Theo Lingen (1903 – 1978)  Marianne Zoff (1893 – 1984)  Spouse:  Kurt Meisel (1912 – 1994)  Sibling:  Hanne Brecht Hiob (1923 – 2009)**  Ursula Lingen (1928 – 2014) *Calculated relationship**Half-sibling


  • February, 09, 1928
  • Germany


  • October, 10, 2014
  • Austria


  • Zentralfriedhof
  • Austria

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