Ugo Attardi (Ugo Attardi)

Ugo Attardi

Artist. He was born in Sori, Liguria, Italy. He was an internationally known sculptor, painter and writer. In Rome in 1947, he signed the Abstraction manifesto “Forma Uno” (One Form) as one of the founders, together with Perilli, Dorazio, Turcato and Consagra. He also received an award at the IX Exhibition of Valle Rovato. In 1950 Attardi abandoned Abstraction for more realistic art of an expressionist and popular figurative timbre. Around 1956 he created a magazine called “Città Aperta” (Open City) directing his artistic interests totally toward political commitment and close to the expressionism of Francis Bacon. In 1963, he made an exhibition in the Gallery 63 in New York. His last works were the sculpture “Ulisse” for New York City and “Enea” for the Parma seaport. Among his works “I Colori dell’amore,” “Il Giocatore,” “L’Uomo e l’Aurora” and “Sognava Don Chisciotte.” He died in Roma, Italy. (bio by: José L Bernabé Tronchoni)


  • March, 12, 1923


  • July, 07, 2006


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