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Tony Genna

Tony Genna

Known as “The Gentleman”, Tony was one of the six Genna brothers who controlled the Little Sicily section of Chicago during prohibition and fought a bloody gang war against Dean O’Banion‘s the North Side Gang. Tony was a shrewd building contractor and Architect. In this profession, he could have amounted to something honorable, but the lure of fast cash and power ultimately won over his mind as a way of life. Tony was an intelligent aristocratic type of fellow, and his building abilities had led to having his mark on most of the homes being built at 55th and Troy streets in Chicago.

On July 8, 1925, Tony Genna became the third Genna family member to meet a violent end when he was shot to death in an ambush. Tony was reportedly seen meeting up with a man who shook his hand and two others appeared and fire several shots into him. Tony was rushed to a hospital and lingered long enough to let his brother Sam Genna know that it was Antonio Spano, a Genna bodyguard and friend, who double-crossed him by luring him to his death spot. Spano would later be killed on August 26, 1926 in retaliation for his treason.

At the time of his death, Tony was worth an estimated $100,000. He possessed real estate worth $33,250 and his personal property was estimated at $77,060. Tony had a girlfriend named Gladys Bagwill, whom the rest of the Genna’s disliked because she was not Italian. She was reportedly a minister’s daughter and Tony was planning on marrying her.

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  • July, 12, 1890
  • Marsala, Sicily, Italy


  • July, 08, 1925
  • Chicago, Illinois

Cause of Death

  • slain


  • Mount Carmel Cemetery
  • Chicago, Illinois

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