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Tonico “Antonio” Ballester Vilaseca

Artist. He was born in Valencia (Comunidad Valenciana) and died in Alella (Catalunya). He was a representative of the Vanguard sculpture in the 1930s in Spain, during the Second Spanish Republic. He was the son of sculptor Antonio Ballester Aparicio and the cousin of baritone Vicente Ballester Aparicio. Also, his sisters Rosita and Manuela were artists. He was influenced for Art Dec√≥ Style. In 1929 he won the Concurso Internacional for the Monument to Independence of Uruguay. In the beginning of Spanish Civil War, he was loyal to Republican Government and was member of the Union of Proletary Artists, painting posters in defense of the Republic. After the civil war, he was enjailed and was disqualified to exert his profession. In 1946, he move to M√©xico and later, in 1960, he moved to Los Angeles where realized the sculptoric group La Familia for the building of Home Savings and Loan Association and the altarpiece of the St. John de Camarillo Seminary. In 1963, he returned to Valencia, and later, he moved with her daughter to Alella (Barcelona), where he died in his 90s. Among his works are “Signo en Cantos Rodados,” “Relieve con Figura Femenina Bebiendo y Simio Sentado,” “Tr√≠ptico” and “Fuenteovejuna.” (bio by: Jos√© L Bernab√© Tronchoni) ¬†Family links: ¬†Children: ¬†Jorge Ballester Bonilla (1941 – 2014)* *Calculated relationship


  • August, 18, 1910


  • March, 03, 2001


  • Cementiri d'Alella (Alella)
  • Cataluna
  • Spain

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