Thomas Calloway Lea, Jr (Thomas Calloway Lea)

Thomas Calloway Lea, Jr

Renowned criminal lawyer who became mayor of El Paso, Texas (1915-17).  He served during Pancho Villa’s activities in the Mexican Interior and on the boarder.  He threatened Villa with arrest if he came to El Paso.  In retaliation Villa offered a standing reward of a thousand pesos in gold to anyone who would deliver on the Mexican side the gringo mayor (dead or alive).  Family links:  Spouse:  Zola Mae Utt Lea (1885 – 1936)*  Children:  Thomas Calloway Lea (1907 – 2001)*  Richard Calvin Lea (1927 – 1987)* *Calculated relationship Inscription:FATHERFRIENDCITIZEN


  • October, 29, 1877
  • USA


  • August, 08, 1945
  • USA


  • Evergreen Alameda Cemetery
  • Texas
  • USA

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