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Thomas “Broken Hand” Fitzpatrick

Explorer. US Indian Agent. He was one of the “Mountain Men,” a group of explorers credited with opening up the western United States. During his travels, he discovered the “South Pass” through the Rocky Mountains. The South Pass became a main passage into the Oregon Territory for settlers. He worked as a guide, among the groups he led were the John Bidwell party, believe to be the first “emigrant train” to California. ¬†He served as an Indian Agent for the United States, having already gained the respect of many Native Americans. ¬†The Nez Perce nicknamed him “Broken Hand” due to an accident which left him missing two fingers. ¬†He was the subject of the book, “Broken Hand, the Life of Thomas Fitzpatrick, Mountain Man, Guide and Indian Agent.” (bio by: Evening Blues) ¬†Family links: ¬†Spouse: ¬†Margaret Poisal Fitzpatrick (1832 – 1873)* ¬†Children: ¬†Virginia T. Fitzpatrick Jackson (1854 – 1929)* *Calculated relationship


  • January, 01, 1970
  • Ireland


  • January, 01, 1854
  • USA


  • Congressional Cemetery
  • USA

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