Thomas Andrews, Jr (Thomas Andrews)

Thomas Andrews, Jr

Noted Titanic Designer, Builder and Victim. Born in Northern Ireland the son of Right Hon. Thomas Andrews and Eliza (Pirrie), nephew of Lord Pirrie, principal owner of Harland and Wolff, the builders of Titanic. Entering at age 16 as premium apprentice, he gradually worked his way up to became managing director of H&W in charge of designing, and was familiar with every detail of the construction of Titanic. In 1901, he became a member of the Institution of Naval Architects, and expressed satisfaction with the new vessel in his final letter to his wife saying, “The Titanic is now about complete and will I think do the old Firm credit tomorrow when we sail.” At age 39, he boarded with a complimentary ticket as a first class passenger. Well-liked by everyone, he spent most of the journey making notes and helping the crew with minor difficulties as they got to know the ship. The evening of the disaster, he had dinner with the ship’s surgeon, Dr. O’Loughlin, then went to his cabin to study blueprints and collate his notes. He barely noticed the collision with an iceberg and was unaware of any problem until Captain Smith sent a message requesting his immediate presence on the bridge. He was seen touring the forward part of the ship with Captain Smith, observing the mail room and squash court quickly filling with water. Back on the bridge, Andrews broke the news to Captain Smith that in view of the damage suffered, he did not expect her to stay afloat for more than two hours. His last moments were spent wandering the decks encouraging passengers to wear their lifebelts and to make their way to the boats. He was last seen staring into space by the painting in the first class smoking room, having removed his life belt.  Family links:  Spouse:  Helen Reilly Barbour Harland (1881 – 1966)*  Children:  Elizabeth Law-Barbour Andrews (1910 – 1973)* *Calculated relationship


  • February, 07, 1873
  • Ireland


  • January, 01, 1970
  • Sea


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