Ted Allen (Ted Allen)

Ted Allen

Professional Wrestler, Trainer. He was born in Cartersville, Georgia, and lived there all his life. Allen became a fan of pro-wrestling as a child and by age 14 was doing ring announcing for the Sports Palace in his hometown. He attended Cass High School and Shorter Collage in Rome, Georgia before making his wrestling debut in 1975. In 1980 he was wrestling under a mask with the name of “Nightmare” Ted Allen. His wrestling may not have earned him a lot of Championships, but his activities as a trainer won him renown. Allen trained some of the best wrestlers in the business, including Arn Anderson, Ray (Big Bossman) Traylor, Scotty Riggs, Bull Buchanan and Ranger Ross. His wrestling career lasted 35 years. On the day his fianc√© found him dead he was scheduled to wrestle in Phenix, Alabama. ¬†(bio by: Hilda Duell)


  • November, 17, 1955
  • USA


  • August, 08, 2010
  • USA


  • Wofford Crossroads Baptist Church
  • Georgia
  • USA

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