Suzanne Grandais (Suzanne Grandais)

Suzanne Grandais

Actress. Nicknamed “The Mary Pickford of France” for her angelic looks, she was one of her country’s most popular screen idols of the World War I era.  Born Suzanne Gueudret in Paris,  she started out as a professional dancer and made her film debut in 1910.  Director Louis Feuillade brought her to the Gaumont studio in 1913 and gave Grandais her first lead roles,  and within two years she had her own production company.  She appeared in more than 60 films, among them “Les Parents De L’Enfant Prodigue” (1910), “Les Vipères” (1911), “Le Destin Des Mères” (1911), “La Fin D’Une Révolution Américaine” (1912), “La Lumière Et L’Amour” (1912), “Le Coeur Et L’Argent” (1912), “L’Obssession Du Souvenir” (1913), “L’Apollon Des Roches Noires” (1913), “La Force De L’Argent” (1913), “Suzanne, Professeur De Flirt” (1916), and “Suzanne Et Les Brigands” (1919). Grandais’ postwar popularity was still going strong when she was killed in an auto accident during production of the serial “L’Essor” (1920).  She was 27.  Most of her films are considered lost,  though several were recently discovered in Dutch archives. (bio by: Alberto Blanco)


  • June, 14, 1893
  • France


  • August, 08, 1920
  • France


  • Cimetiere St. Vincent
  • France

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