Sture Lagerwall (Sture Lagerwall)

Sture  Lagerwall

Swedish Actor. A charismatic actor with a career spanning more than thirty years. He was educated at the Oscars Theatre in Stockholm 1931-34. He was employed by the legendary actor/director Gösta Ekman Sr. in 1934 and was tied to Vasateatern. At that time he also made his debute at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. Subsequently he became a free-lancer and acted at most stages in Stockholm as well as touring round Sweden. In 1951 he founded Alléteatern (The Alley Theatre) in Stockholm, and managed it till 1958, when he got an employment at Stadsteatern in Malmö (Malmoe), where he stayed until his death. He made many noted roles on film, among them “Bombi Bitt och jag” (1936), “Vi två” and “Vi tre” (1939/1940, playing against Signe Hasso), “Den blomstertid” (1940), “Banketten” (1948) and “Djävulens öga” (The Devil´s Eye, 1960), directed by Ingmar Bergman. 


  • December, 13, 1908


  • November, 01, 1964


  • norra begravningsplatsen
  • Sweden

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