Siri Von Essen (Siri Von Essen)

Siri Von Essen

Finno-Swedish Actress. She was born in Finland, but the family moved to Sweden in 1868. She studied acting for private tutors in 1876, and made her debute at The Royal Dramatic Theatre 1877 in Stockholm in Louis Leroy´s play “En Teaterpjäs”. After receiving good reviews, she was offered employment. That same year she married the acclaimed author and playwrite, August Strindberg. He wrote some plays directly for her, and this meant her major breakthrough. They lived a tempestous life together and their marriage went through several crises. After divorcing Strindberg in 1893, she returned to Finland, and continued her theatre career in a minor scale. But she was worn out after a hard and sometimes poor life, given birth to several children. She and August Strindberg never met again, but – as if an act of faith – they died almost simultaneously and she was buried at the same cemetery as Strindberg, just two weeks before to him.  (bio by: Peter Robsahm)


  • August, 17, 1850


  • April, 04, 1912


  • Northern Cemetery
  • Sweden

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