Simone Mareuil (Simone Mareuil)

Simone Mareuil

Actress. She is unforgettable as the heroine of director Luis Bunuel’s Surrealist classic “Un Chien Andalou” (“An Andalusian Dog”, 1929). Its opening scene, which involves Mareuil, Bunuel,  and a freshly-sharpened straight razor,  is as shocking today as it was to its original Paris audiences.  Mareuil was born in Perigueux,  in the Dordogne region of France.  She was involved in the heady Montparnasse art scene of the 1920s,  and made her screen debut in the avant-garde short “Gallery of Monsters” (1924).  Her other films include  “The Errant Jew” (1926),  “The Chocolate Girl” (1927),  “Our Masters,  The Servants” (1931),  “The Heart of Paris” (1931),  and “Miss Helyette” (1933).  Mareuil’s career ended with World War II.  After the war she returned to her native region,  where she fell victim to depression.  At 51,  Mareuil ended her life in a horrific fashion:  she walked into a public square,  doused herself with gasoline,  and set herself on fire.  Pierre Batcheff,  Mareuil’s co-star in “Un Chien Andalou”,  also died a suicide,  in 1932.          (bio by: Bobb Edwards)


  • August, 25, 1903


  • October, 10, 1954


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