Robert Kardashian (Robert Kardashian)

Robert Kardashian

Attorney. He was a businessman and lawyer who gained fame as one of O.J. Simpson’s legal “dream team” by getting him acquitted of his ex-wife’s murder. Kardashian attended the University of Southern California before O.J. arrived on campus and became friends with him in the 1970s. O.J. camped out at Kardashian’s home in the days following Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman’s stabbing deaths. The infamous chase in the white Ford Bronco started after O.J. fled Kardashian’s house. Kardashian and O.J. had a falling out in later years over Kardashian’s public comments that he had doubts about O.J. Simpson’s innocence. Kardashian died of esophageal cancer eight weeks after he was diagnosed. (bio by: Ron Moody)  Family links:  Parents:  Arthur Kardashian (1917 – 2012)  Helen Arakelian Kardashian (1917 – 2008)


  • February, 22, 1944
  • USA


  • September, 09, 2003
  • USA


  • Inglewood Park Cemetery
  • California
  • USA

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