Richard Farnsworth (Richard Farnsworth)

Richard  Farnsworth

Actor. A stuntman for more then 30 years before gradually moving into acting. Farnsworth’s abilities at horseback riding got him regular work as stunt doubles for some of the biggest names in Hollywood. It wasn’t until after he was 50 that he began to be recognized as an actor. He got an Oscar nomination in 1979 for his bravura performance in “Comes a Horseman.” That attention got him more work in such films as “The Grey Fox,” “The Natural,” the comedy bomb “Rhinestone,” “Misery” and “The Fire Next Time.” In 1999 he gave the performance of his career and earned a second Oscar nomination for playing Alvin Straight in David Lynch’s “The Straight Story,” the story of a man who drives his lawnmower across two states to visit his ailing brother.

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  • September, 01, 1920


  • October, 06, 2000


  • Forest Lawn Memorial Park
  • California
  • USA

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