Renee Gadd (Renee Gadd)

Renee  Gadd

Actress. She was born in Bahia Blanca, Argentina, and educated in England at the age of 24. She married British actor Mervyn Johns and later appeared in several films, and in the Broadway stage play, “Funny Face” alongside dancer-actor Fred Astaire. Her many films include, “The Blue Lamp” (1950), “Dead Of Night” (1945), “They Came To A City” (1944), “Unpublished Story” (1942), “Murder In Soho” (1939), “”Clothes And The Woman” (1937), “The Crimson Circle” (1936), “Man In The Mirror” (1936), “Tomorrow We Live” (1936), “The Younger, Personal History, Adventures, Experience & Observation of David Copperfield The Younger” (1935), “The Love Captive” (1934), “Uncertain Lady” (1934), “”His Wife’s Mother” (1932), “The Maid Of The Mountains” (1932), “Money For nothing” (1932), and “Aren’t We All” (1932). On June 18, 1956, she appeared in an episode of the television series, “Studio One” entitled, ‘Snap Your Fingers.’


  • June, 22, 1908
  • Argentina


  • July, 23, 2003


  • Unknown

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