Raymond Patriarca (Raymond Patriarca)

Raymond Patriarca

Organized Crime Figure. He was born on Shrewsbury Street to Italian immigrant parents. When he was 3, his father, Eleuterio, moved the family to Atwells Avenue in the Federal Hill section of Providence RI where he operated a package store. Raymond left school after the 8th grade and worked at the Biltmore Hotel, in Providence, as a bellhop and shoeshine boy for 2 years. He soon discovered crime paid better and, after his father’s death, February 17, 1925, he would later tell congressional investigators that he “lost his father and drifted a little”. In 1929 he became a made member of the New York Mafia. In 1930 he organized an unsuccessful Easter Sunday prison break of 2 associates from the Rhode Island State Prison in which 3 were killed. At the age of 30 he was convicted of Burglary in Massachusetts. After only 84 days in jail he was pardoned. An investigation of the pardon revealed Massachusetts Executive Council Daniel Coakley was bribed and was later impeached. After his pardon he returned and built his power and political influence. In 1939 Patriarca married and in 1945 a son Raymond, known to the locals as “Raymond, Jr.”, who would later succeed him. After New England Mafia boss Phil Buccola retired to Sicily in the early 50’s Patriarca took over, with the backing of the New York families. He was, by all accounts, fair but very ruthless. Once he ordered an underling to murder his own son for losing money on a deal. This was later withdrawn after a trusted advisor intervened. He preferred to have deadbeats killed and lose the money owed to him rather then make deals with them. On one occasion Patriarca broke with Mafia code and refused to bail Joe Barboza out of jail. When 2 friends tried to raise the $100,000 bail Patriarca had them killed. Patriarca presided over his crime world from his Atwells Avenue vending machine storefront that was across the street from where he lived as a child. In 1965 his wife died of cancer and he would later marry Rita E. O’Toole a former hostess at a Rhode Island nightspot. The last 20 years of his life would be plagued with arrests, indictments, convictions and jail time. His influence extended out of the New England area. He held part interest in at least one Las Vegas casino. He had interest in the Berkshire Downs racetrack as did Frank Sinatra. He was so respected by the New York families. He was often called on to help resolve disputes and while in prison he was still allowed to exercise control over his Family. At 11:30 on the day of his death the fire department rescue squad was called to a Douglas Avenue address in North Providence where he was found in full arrest and rushed to Rhode Island Hospital. Despite intense efforts to revive him Raymond Loreda Salvatore Patriarca was pronounced dead at 1:00 PM. He is buried in a mausoleum along with his first wife and parents. His 2nd wife, Rita, is buried just to the right side of the mausoleum.

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  • March, 17, 1908
  • USA
  • Worcester, Massachusetts


  • July, 11, 1984
  • USA
  • North Providence, Rhode Island


  • Gate of Heaven Cemetery
  • East Providence, Rhode Island
  • USA

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