Ramsay Ames (Ramsay Ames)

Ramsay Ames

Actress. Born Phillips Ames, she was a dancer and a model at the Eastman Kodak-sponsored fashion show at the 1939 New York World’s Fair. Invited to a screen test at Columbia Studios California, she made her film debut in “Two Senoritas from Chicago” (1943). She became a very popular B-movie leading lady appearing in films to include “Crazy House” (1943), “The Mummy’s Ghost” (1944), “Follow the Boys” (1944), “The Black Widow” (1947), “Alexander the Great” (1956) and “The Running Man” (1963). She was also married to award winning TV script writer, Dale Wasserman.

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  • March, 30, 1919
  • USA
  • New York


  • March, 20, 1998
  • USA
  • California


  • Holy Cross Cemetery
  • California
  • USA

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