Ralph Taylor Graves (Ralph Taylor Graves)

Ralph Taylor Graves

Actor. He was born Ralph Taylor Horsburgh. He appeared in many films produced by Mack Sennett. He had a long career in film work, spanning the years between 1918 to 1949. Graves co-starred with many of the era’s leading ladies, including Mae Murray, Dorothy Gish, Ina Claire, Viola Dana, Anita Page, Barbara Stanwyck and Fay Wray. Some of the films he appeared in are, “Tinsel” (1919), “Little Miss Rebellion” (1920), “The Extra Girl” (1923), “Blarney” (1926), “The Flying Fleet” (1929), “Song of Love” (1929), “Ladies of Leisure” (1930), “Ticket to a Crime” (1934) and his last film, “Joe Palooka and the Counterpunch” (1949). Ralph Graves retired from films in 1949. (bio by: Leo James)  Family links:  Parents:  John Harvey Horsburgh (1877 – 1954)  Lillian May Graves Horsburgh (1876 – 1965)


  • January, 23, 1900
  • USA


  • January, 01, 1977
  • USA


  • Cremated

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