Portland Mason Schuyler (Portland Mason Schuyler)

Portland Mason Schuyler

Child Actress. A native of Los Angeles, California, she was the daughter of actor James Mason and his wife Pamela Mason, a writer and actress. Schuyler appeared in several films as a child including, “The Child” (1954), “The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit” (1956), “Bigger Than Life” (1956), “Cry Terror!” (1958), “The Great St. Trinian’s Train Robbery” (1966), and “Sebastian” (1968). She also appared in an episode of the televison series, “Shirley Temple’s Playbook” in 1960, and “Panic” in 1957. Schuyler also appeared in the play, “Murder In The Red Barn” at the Laguna Playhouse in California in 1959. She passed away in Beverly Hills, California, in May 2004, at the age of 55. (bio by: K)  Family links:  Parents:  James Mason (1909 – 1984)  Pamela Mason (1916 – 1996)


  • November, 26, 1948
  • USA


  • May, 05, 2004
  • USA


  • Westwood Memorial Park
  • California
  • USA

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