Philipp Melanchthon (Philipp Melanchthon)

Philipp Melanchthon

Educator, Theologian. Born by the name of Philipp Schwarzerdt, after his father’s death he moved with his grandmother Elisabeth to Pforzheim, where he attended the Latin school. There he met Elisabeth’s brother the humanist Johannes Reuchlin, who influenced his work. It was Reuchlin who suggested Phillipp to change his last name to the Greek equivalent “Melanchthon”. In 1509 he joined the University of Heidelberg where he studied philosophy, rhetoric and astronomy. In 1512 he went to Tübingen where he continued his studies. In 1518 he became professor for Greek language at the University of Wittenberg after Reuchlin’s recommendation. He became a collaborator and close friend of Martin Luther, visiting his theologian lessons while visited his Greek lessons. In 1521 he wrote the first summary of the “evangelical” doctrine (“Loci Communes”) Melanchthon motivated Luther to translate the Bible into German. He reformed the school system which was the model for today’s German school system. After his death he was named “Praeceptor Germaniae” (Teacher of Germany). (bio by: Lutetia)


  • February, 16, 1497


  • April, 04, 1560


  • Castle Church Wittenberg
  • Germany

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