Philip Burnett Franklin Agee (Philip Burnett Franklin Agee)

Philip Burnett Franklin Agee

Author, American Intelligence Agent. A former Central Intelligence Agency field agent, he is best known for his 1975 book “Inside the Company: CIA Diary”. He left the CIA after twelve years in 1969, disenchanted with the Agency and how it was being operated. In 1973, he went to the Soviet Union’s embassy in Mexico City, Mexico to provide information on CIA operations, but they were suspicious of him, and turned down his offer.  He then went to the Cuban embassy, and they readily accepted his offer to provide inside information on the CIA operations in Latin America. It was reported that Agee received $1 million dollars from the Cuban Government’s Intelligence Service, although he has denied the accusation.  He published his book in In 1975, which detailed alleged numerous misdeeds by the CIA, mostly against Marxists and other leftists in Latin America, and most critical, included a 22 page list of 250 supposed CIA Field Agents. This resulted in a United States law that made disclosure of who was working for the CIA a crime.  It is generally believed that the disclosure of the list resulted in several deaths among persons on the list, under mysterious circumstances.  After the book was published, Agee moved to Great Britain, after which the United States Government revoked his passport, but he remained in Europe, and over the years he was expelled from Britain, Holland, France, Italy and eventually West Germany.  In 1978 and 1979, he published the two volume books, “Dirty Work: The CIA in Western Europe” and “Dirty Work: The CIA in Africa”, books that contained information identifying a reportedly over one thousand CIA personnel.  In 2000, he moved to Cuba, where he set up a travel agency to help American tourists travel to Cuba, offering package tours via the Internet. He died following surgery in a Cuban Hospital for ulcers. (bio by: Kit and Morgan Benson)


  • July, 19, 1935
  • USA


  • January, 01, 2008
  • Cuba


  • Canley Garden Cemetery and Crematorium
  • England

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