Paul Celan (Paul Celan)

Paul Celan

Poet. His original name is Paul Antschel. He was born in Czernovitz, in Romania. Because of his jewish origin, in the 2nd World War he was interned to a Nazi labor camp, from where he escaped to the Red Army. In 1945 he started to publish translations. (He spoke several languages, including German, Romanian, Russian, French.) As a translator, he brought out works from writers such as Paul Valéry, Michaux, Mandelstam etc. His own collected poems was published at first in 1947, but just his second book (Poppy and Memory / “Mohn und Gedaechtnis”) received critical attention. His most famous poem is Fugue of Death / “Todenfuge”, it is about the life in the Nazi death camps.  (bio by: Apats)


  • November, 23, 1920


  • April, 04, 1970


  • Cimetière de Thiais
  • France

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