Pamela Cundell (Pamela Cundell)

Pamela Cundell

Actress. A prolific character performer especially adept at comedy, she shall be remembered as Mrs. Fox from the 1970s BBC series “Dad’s Army”. The child of a music and theatre family with roots going back to Shakespeare’s own company, she took to the stage at 14, attended London’s Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and appeared in numerous stage productions, earning particular praise for the 1955 revue “Between Ourselves”. First seen on the small screen in 1957 when she joined Peter Sellers on “Yes, It’s the Cathode-Ray Tube Show”, she landed a recurring role on “Bootsie and Snudge” in 1961 and from then until virtually the end of her days worked steadily, amassing a near-endless string of credits on shows including “Doctor in the House”, “The Bill”, “The Benny Hill Show”, “Minder”, “Bread”, “Boon”, “A Touch of Frost”, “On the Buses”, “Doctors”, and the all-time classics “Are You Being Served?” and “EastEnders”. In 1969 she landed her gig on “Dad’s Army”, taking her character’s name from the fox stole she often wore, and though the show only ran until 1977, she was popular at conventions and on retrospectives ever after. Miss Cundell was a regular in the West End and was seen on the silver screen a few times in movies including the 1967 “Half A Sixpence”, 1997’s “Twenty Four Seven” and the 2003 “Blackball”. Active and sharp to the end, she was last seen in the 2012 cinematic feature “A Fantastic Fear of Everything”. (bio by: Bob Hufford)  Family links:  Spouse:  Bill Fraser (1908 – 1987)


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