Olle Adolphson (Olle Adolphson)

Olle Adolphson

Composer. He was one of Sweden´s most celebrated composers and singer, and was known for renewing of the old Swedish song-tradition “visa”. He studied guitar in Spain, and subsequently made his debut, with the collection of songs “Aubade” (1956). Some of his most beloved songs were made in collaboration with lyricist Beppe Wolgers, for instance “Det gåtfulla folket” and “Okända djur”. Other songs that distinguish his personal style are “Trubbel” and “En glad Calypso om våren” among others. He also made projects with choirs and orchestras and received several awards through his career. He was the son of actor Edvin Adolphson. (bio by: Peter Robsahm)


  • May, 02, 1934


  • March, 03, 2004


  • Ravlunda kyrkogård
  • Sweden

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