Olive Thomas Pickford (Olive Thomas Pickford)

Olive Thomas Pickford

Actress. Born Olivia Duffy in Charleroi, Pennsylvania, on October 20, 1898. Began posing for famous artists such as Harrison Fisher and Howard Chandler Christy. She was then introduced to Florenz Ziegfield which led to wide acclaim on Broadway, where she then changed her name to Olive Thomas, Thomas being the last name of the man she married which ended in divorce in 1915. Olive’s noteriety with Ziegfield landed her a movie contract with International Film Company in 1916. In March of that year, she met Jack Pickford at a dance on the Santa Monica pier. They were married in October 1916. She would continue making films, signing with the Triangle Film Corporation in 1917. Her and Jack would often be separated by their careers and their marriage appeared rocky at times. After over a year of making pictures together in California, the couple sailed from New York to Paris on August 12, 1920. This was their planned second honeymoon. On the evening of September 9, they went out on the town, not returning to their room until after 3am. Olive then took a large quantity of mercury bichloride which had been prescribed to Jack. Olive died soon after. Jack brought her back home to New York and buried her there. (bio by: Marta Monk)  Family links:  Spouse:  Jack Pickford (1896 – 1933)Cause of death: Accidental poisoning


  • October, 20, 1894
  • USA


  • September, 09, 1920
  • France

Cause of Death

  • Accidental poisoning


  • Woodlawn Cemetery
  • USA

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