Norman H. Bartold (Norman H. Bartold)

Norman H. Bartold

Actor. Best remembered for his role as ‘Brett “Skip” Hollings on the television series, “Mr. Belvedere” from 1987 to 1989. Born in Alameda County, California, Bartold’s other roles include the films, “She’s Working Her Way Through College” (1952), “The Ten Commandments” (1956), “The Littlest Hobo” (1958), “The Busy Body” (1967), “Riot On Sunset Strip” (1967), “Blood Legacy” (1971), “Something Evil” (1972), “Lady Sings The Blues” (1972), “Alvin The Magnificent” (1973), “Superchick” (1973), “Breezy” (1973), “The Whiz Kid And The Mystery At Riverton” (1974), “Summer School Teachers” (1974), “Moving Violation” (1976), “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind” (1977), “A Love Affair: The Eleanor And Lou Gehrig Story” (1978), “Real Life” (1979), “Raise The Titanic” (1980), and “Madame X” (1981). On television Bartold appeared in, “Barney Miller”, “Too Close For Comfort”, “Charlie’s Angel”, “Benson”, “Code 3”, “Navy Log”, “Richard Diamond, Private Detective”, “T.J. Hooker”, “My Favorite Martian”, “Dragnet”, “Fantasy Island”, and “Rhoda.” He passed away at the age of 65. A veteran of the Korean War, Bartold served as a Corporal in the United States Army.


  • August, 06, 1928
  • USA


  • May, 05, 1994
  • USA


  • Riverside National Cemetery
  • California
  • USA

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