Nikolay Annenkov (Nikolay Annenkov)

Nikolay  Annenkov

Actor. He was born in Inzhaviono, Russia. He become one of the leading actors of the Russian stage, and was named People’s Artist of the USSR in 1960. His career spanned from 1922 to his death in 1999, appearing in more than 200 roles with the Maly Theater. In cinema, he appeared in “Giber Orla” (1940), “Varvary” (1953), “Dachniki” (1967), “Opoznanie” (1973) and “Poema o Krylyakh” (1979). He celebrated his 100 birthday on stage, but died shortly after.


  • September, 20, 1899
  • Inzhaviono, Russia


  • September, 30, 1999


  • Vvedenskoe Cemetery
  • Russia

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