Nelly Beltran (Nelly Beltran)

Nelly  Beltran

Actress. Considered one of the most beloved Argentinian performers. Beltrán debuted on stage in the late 1940s, playing in “Las Lágrimas También Se Secan.” She then made her 1955 screen debut in “Para Vestir Santos.” During her lengthy career Beltrán played both comedic and dramatic roles and became one of the most popular faces of the Argentinian cinema and television. Her many credits include “Historia de una Carta,” “Libertad Bajo Palabra,” “El Rufián” and “La Gorda.” She was married to actor Maurice Jouvet.


  • August, 29, 1925


  • December, 02, 2007


  • Cementerio de la Chacarita
  • Argentina

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